Suggest possible support acts for upcoming Morrissey tour

oops yes sri lanka..of course :o i have read her agenda quite often (its also mentioned in almost every interview like the fact her father being a member of the tamil tigers) i knew always she came from sri lanka and has lived in the Uk after idea why i wrote that


but yeah, i like her too.
brainfart!but yeah, i like her too.
btw i can correct you on the mia part :p:Dshe did live in sri lanka and only did move to the uk when she was a child. so she wasnt born in the UK .ther was a story tht all she had to listen to and did perform to her family /friends at thome was to a boney m cassette
..boney m... poor child:p
edit:thts what i read in an interview about her
but wikipedia claimed she was born in london?

edit 2: oh okayshe moved back to sri lanka when she was 6 months old. lived there several years and then returned back to england when she still was a child
.okay,,now i got it..and youre the one and only M.i.a expert..i stand corrected;.-)
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Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gogol Bordello, Phillip Boa & the Voodoo Club, anyone with a ukulele!:p
It was suppose to be Eli "paperboy" Reed till about two weeks ago..St. Vincent is a good suggestion..Either solo or with a band.

I wonder if anyone in camp Moz took issue with him posting on a message board that they were to play Carnagie Hall, Webster Hall and the Bowery Ballroom.

either The National or St. Vincent would be lovely. Does anyone know who will be the live act on the US tour?
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