Suggest possible support acts for upcoming Morrissey tour


seems that dolls +the kicks are a likely candiate but which newcomers would you like to be the support?I like "those dancing days" alot, a swedish female girl can hear a bit of northern soul there...lovely voice , (a bit melancholic at times) ,catchy songs,great stage presence
I think a good support act for morrissey should not have a "love it or hate it " voice like kristeen young has. and should go more into the pop direction...then it could work out well

have seen a concert they gave in hamburg at least three times(the rerun it ) on a regional hamburg tv channel-
one of the few possibilties to hear good music on tv here ...we dont have music shows like jools holland here, the only late night we have only shows good bands like once or twice a year
since the musical part of the show:like a band performing, is not a regular part of this show

support acts should most likely be newcomers....
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I don't mind much who it is, as long as they are good musicians and the sound system gives them a decent chance to be heard. :)
A genuine attempt to provide a well-considered programme makes these essentials.

I don't mind hearing something new, outside my usual listening. I do mind a muddy racket that frustrates both band and audience.:mad:
The Resurrection of KRISTEENYOUNG. :guitar:

I can dream, can't I?
its been ten years or so, he should have the smoking popes back, his best opening act, in my own opinion, since then and before they have all been dreadful.
well minus a few random openers.
Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club please!:D
Yup, then Morrissey can open open with Get Off The Stage halfway into their set. :cool:

If he plays that song for any reason, I'll be in the back getting a beer... or leaving.
(who am I kidding? I'll remain front and center.)

Oh, and his opening act should be ray afraid. ;)
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Every part of me wants to say Calexico but they are an established band with an awesome following of fans and I think the crowd would be exhausted by the time Morrissey came on. I think it's impossible to heckle Calexico or if you did, you'd be smited. :)
I'd like to have a Bolton four piece Decoration.

They're a very good live band. :)
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I'd like to have a Bolton four piece Decolation.

They're a very good live band. :)

Decoration are wonderful - I'd love it to be them.

Having seen Those Dancing Days before - I'd be the first in the bar.
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