"Suedehead" (Mael Mix) released (UK - April 21, 2012)

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By davidt on Apr 21, 2012 at 9:25 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Apr 21, 2012.

    1. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      OMG, I'm so excited!!!

      A horrible remix and two poor live songs from the last century?!

      I can't wait to spend money on this!
    2. billybu69
      Anyone got a spare please pm me
    3. Dave2006
      There are at least 40 listed on ebay; many buy it now ranging from £25 - £60, some auctions that end within 24 hours with few bids on at the moment... I'm sure that if you sit tight you will pick one up for £20-£25 within the next few days

    4. Anonymous
      Hate Recordstore day.....its all on Ebay at crazy prices,why Morrissey WHY!!
    5. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Record store day is a mighty confidence trick.

      Bowie's Starman picture disc is a similar price to the above on eBay today. A friend runs a record store and he has found it hard to get even a fraction of the goodies on sale today without jumping through a lot of fiscal hoops. He got one Morrissey, one Kate Bush, and no Bowie discs at all.

      By the way, can anyone confirm my dim recollection that the 10" The Queen Is Dead double was supposed to be just 300 copies? Yeah, right... There are a damn sight more than that kicking around.

      I don't know what the law is elsewhere but if a company says something is limited in the UK it needs to be by law. Record companies should be investigated, because in my opinion they are in breach of trading standards legislation.
    6. FROSTY
      ...I would love a copy of this... but not paying US$40
    7. sycophantic_slag
      Eric, it seems that you might have missed the whole point of Record Store Day. It is pretty much an honorable notion for Morrissey to release this 10-inch single. Small business owners benefit from these items, and it is also a treat for completists. The artwork is superb, and the b-sides are monumental, in my opinion.

      True, I may not be a fan of remixes per se, but other artists have mastered this idea. One quick example is Bjork's release, Telegram.

      Cheer up, Eric!
    8. billybu69
      Got one for£23 eBay. I couldn't have driven and parked in Manchester for £10 so I'm probably up on the deal.
    9. Mr Delaney
      Mr Delaney
      I got mine at my favourite record shop, CD-Teek in Eindhoven, for a very reasonable €17 (Record Store Day is held in The Netherlands as well), along with a Fall 7" by the way. Love the artwork and the A-side, the B-sides are OK too. I support the poster above, Record Store Day is great and I'm glad Morrissey put out a record to go with it.
    10. Dave2006
      I got one for £25 along with three other records I wanted - combined postage - so I'm fairly happy - but they will continue to come down in price.

      I watched a Belle and Sebastian 7" go for £6 earlier - it was £4.99 from Rough Trade yesterday - but the seller would have had to get up at the crack of dawn to queue up in the rain :)

    11. sweetness522
      It seems the participating record stores in the US didn't get this item. I have called a few in nyc and they didn't receive it. I queued for 4 hours in London only to be told it sold out. Can anyone confirm that this was only shipped to stores in the UK? I am hoping to get one for around £25 or so.....And as frustrating and time consuming as this whole experience was for me, I as well support his decision to put this out and support the cause. :)
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    12. twitch1979
      I purchased this in Australia, my local record store had 2 or maybe 3 copies.

      Check ebay in 3-4 weeks once the RSD hype has died down and you will be able to purchase this for the price it went on sale give or take 10%.
    13. northernleech
      got mine in newcastle (uk) yesterday for face value (£12.99) in reflex records - one left as of yesterday afternoon !!
    14. Etc
      I picked one up at my local record store in Worcester. They only had five in stock. By 0801hrs all were gone.
    15. Etc
    16. Anonymous
      Recordstore day is a joke.....if Morrissey had released the 10" in the normal way would the label have put a £12.99 mark up price on it...NO....
    17. Anonymous
      Got mine from a record shop in Malvern for £15. Absolutely love it!
    18. Anonymous
      My local store didn't get any copies. They are the last shop left in town, down from a large High St shop to a much smaller unit, where there used to be 3 independent stores, and the only other shops in the next nearest centres have also closed in the last year, so I really applaud the whole concept of record store day even though I didn't get all that I wanted. They didn't get the Fall either but I managed to get the Wedding Present 10" which was great, although the T-Rex box set went to the 2nd customer in the queue!
    19. Anonymous
      How do you get the digital download of these tracks?

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