Suede - The complete singles, B-sides & rarities (12 CD box set)


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yeah funny thing about that song
but, Butler's mix is better isn't it? :guitar:
don't worry abt it man, ur work is amazing :)
i'm on part 4 tho :S


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not really, i mean they were both recorded at Glastonbury 93,
the NME Cassette is 12 seconds shorter
but have a little noise in the intro (Bernard mixed it)
and the Drowners one, have less crowed noises
but i like the Cassette one better,
cause, have more live sounds,
and the Drowners one, is so studio-mixed that ruins the live perspective
both versions are faded out, Drowners one starts with an amp noise
check this out
- The Downers version: 5:31
- NME Field Trip version: 5:19

and here's both versions if anyone is confused :lbf:
btw, both have crackin guitar effects by Bernard :guitar:
- NME Field Trip version
- The Drowners version

cheers! :D

That's great! many thanks


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Interview Unauthorised is an interview bootleg
Head Musing is an official promo cd :)

here we go:-
Interview Unauthorised is an interview bootleg 1997 CD
1 long interview track clocking in at about 30 mins ripped @ 320k for your listening pleasure!

edit: it's amazing what you find when you're not looking for it.

here's some early suede demos from "Drown to a Popular Tune" cd- 159mb zip file on megaupload - early demos
track list here - [] *yes the original tea with tufty blog! dead now

the airwave cd
163mb zip file - MP3s @320 - 16 tracks
tracks 1-8 - airwave festival reykiavik iceland - 1st october 2000 FM
tracks 9,12,14 - df radio tel aviv israel - 25th january 2000 FM
tracks 10,11,13,15 - asylum studio perivale - 16th april 1999
track 16 - df radio tel aviv israel - 7th june 1997

Duchess [live in studio] *from unreleased coming up cd2 -

Refugees (Live At Laugardalsholl Stadium)

bundle of demos + more -

on similar note. tears b-sides :-

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thanks a lot :D
and for the quality aswell!

cant get enough? get on your boots!

1. Positivity (Live Stockholm 2002)
2. The Wild Ones (Live)
3. Metal Mickey (Live Stockholm 2002)
4. Can't Get Enough (Live)
5. Sunny Afternoon (Live)
6. Elephant Man (BBC Radio 1 Session)
7. Animal Nitrate (Live)
8. Lost In TV (Live London)
9. Union City Blue (Live)
10. His Latest Flame
11. Brass In Pocket (Live)
12. A Day In The Life
13. Attitude (Live Glastonbury 2003)
14. Everything Will Flow (Black Session)
15. New Generation (Live)
16. Bodies (Live)
17. Across The Universe (Live)
18. Caroline Says (Live)
19. Music Like Sex (Live)
20. Bohemian Rhapsody
21. Attitude (Live)
22. To The Birds (Live)
23. Maid In London
24. Going Blonde
25. Duchess (Live Studio Jam)
26. Natural Born Servant (Extended)
27. Natural Born Servant (Short)
28. No Feelings (Live)
29. Saturday Night (Live)
30. She's A Layabout (Full Version)
31. The Wild Ones (Live)
32. He's Dead (Live)
33. She's Not Dead (Live)

Old Man's Car
Cover Me
Europe Is Our Playground - live rare.rar - Live On Jools Holland.rar - live at the Newcross, January 3rd, 1992.rar - live amsterdam.rar

something more for the weekend....
1999/4/30 - copenhagen denmark 1.can't get enough / 2.electricity / 3.trash / 4.she 5.everything will flow / 6.indian strings 7.beautiful ones / 8.elephant man / 9.down 10.he's gone / 11.lazy / 12.savoir fe 13.crack in the union Jack
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thanks a lot
sorry for the late of my post, my computer got broken so i staid abt a month away from it
thanks for the hard work of finding those links,
but i already have everything :)
the thought that counts



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You are welcome. You've done enough with the Interview bootleg. Can't stop listen to it!
Thanks for all, i guess there's no other way to get Head Musing but buying it.
by the way, you said that the "Head Musing link is not working" can i have the source for any chance of re-up please?
See what i can do, but i'm defenitely getting it. ;)
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Sorry I couldn't help, zed. I've checked my downloads and surfed the net but I couldn't find "Head MusinG". My friend Jaoquin couldn't either... Sorry. And thanks for everything.
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