Suede: The Blue Hour

Yeas, just found out abouthat this yesterday, very excited. Are you aware there will be an HMV exclusive?

You realised you can register on the official Suede Web page to get early access to the forthcoming tour tickets. No purchase necessary. I haven't seen Suede since 2014 so looking forward to seeing them again
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Did anyone else have a problem ordering tickets for the forthcoming London gig. I managed to grab some really good seats but when I tried to pay with Paypal, the computer wouldn't let me go to the checkout page. I tried about five times in total, the seats getting continually further away from the stage before I gave up. When I tried later at home on my own computer, I got through no problem at all but obviously the seats I eventually ended up with are a long way from the stage. :-( Oh well shouldn't complain at least I did eventually managed to get some tickets even if I will now have bring along some binoculars. :)
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