Suede b-sides not on Sci-Fi Lullabies


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Suede Non-Albums Tracks

01. Brass In Pocket
02. Painted People
03. Dolly
04. Stay Together
05. This World Needs A Father
06. Asda Town
07. Shipbuilding
08. Sam
09. Digging A Hole
10. Poor Little Rich Girl
11. Popstar
12. Leaving
13. Jubilee
14. God's Gift
15. Seascape
16. Let Go
17. Since You Went Away



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Thanks a million.

Are you sure that's all the Suede b-sides not on SFL?
Or only in a certain time-frame?

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This does not have "Cheap" or "Heroin", therefore it is null and void.


There are a LOT more Suede B-Sides that weren't on Sci-Fi Lullabies, this doesn't even compile all of those B-Sides released before Sci-Fi Lullabies was released. And there were of course a great many released after Sci-Fi Lullabies of which this posted collection only compiles 8 (tracks 10-17).

Wikipedia has all the Suede B-Side info:-

Ben Budd

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File sharing is an illegal practice that I will have no part of.



I own all the suede b sides from "wonderful sometimes" to the ones from the "attitude "single. All of them are taken from the original releases and some of them from CDs I have traded all over the years, no MP3. I agree with some here and I dont post original tracks, neither flac nor mp3, but I am willing to trade, since I know its very hard to get hold off all of those singles:guitar:. I dont sell ripped original stuff, I only trade so I am interested in anything Suede or Morrissey. If anyone wants a list just send me your e-mail adress.




Heroine is a track from dog man star.
Heroin is a track from the attitude single part 2

These are two different tracks but with a similar name, the only difference is the "e" at the end.


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I will. More please!

Specifically, anyone have the non-S.F.L. version of Europe Is Our Playground?

Here you go: Europe Is Our Playground (alt. version)

Not as stellar as S.F.L version but cool to have.

I do want to share an acoustic version that Brett recorded at The Union Chapel, a medley with Big Time. This one is so good I'm playing it at our wedding in June. We're honeymooning in London, "London is our town."

Europe Is Our Playground/The Big Time (live/acoustic medley)

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