Suede and Manic Street Preachers Announce 2022 North American Tour

A friend (who I quote too much) loves suede, he always goes on about how he has been a fan for years "since before they had a record out" and I think so the f*** what?
I agree their stuff with BB was great but some of their music sounds shallow to me, these days.

It's funny people make out that M is this little Englander and suede are these London sophisticated types but the only real progression in suedes image in 25 years is Brett being a dad, Wow it's not like lots of people aren't dads. That's it.
Beyond that, they just have pictures taken in London, near a broken down bus stops, under a bypass or something., like they did at 25. Its embarrassing
The funny thing is they are as white as feck. M is meant to be a racist, yet has people from south America etc in his band and he has mentioned all these countries in songs and has lived all over and Suede are just 4 white dudes who go on about London. I don't think people give M the credit for being a real adventure seeker.
The new Suede stuff is ok, I buy it, I have three listens then play We are the pigs . I will say this though Brett is great live and he is a clever guy.
I think generally he has kept sharper than M, in terms of lyrics
US tour is going great, I think they like the US much better than Canada. They are really making themselves very accessible here before and after the show. In Canada they soundchecked in the morning and that was it, here they are sticking around the venue outside. Tons of people have pictures with them outside, and Brett really loves the audiences here, he spends a lot of time with the fans during the show, he is even grabbing people now and pulling them toward him when he sings. Sometimes he sings right into someone's phone and you can just see his mouth, he is really having fun. Wish I got a ticket, I might have a chance of being able to go to the show and get a good seat upfront, hope it comes through.
Lots of people posting pics of meeting Neil, this one is :lbf: he is trying to keep from laughing

Neil hiding from stalkers

Screenshot 2022-11-12 8.21.37 PM.png
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Neil and Richard talking to US fans, they said Canada was just a warm up
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When you actually go and are in the first few rows

This thread needs more nicky wire

wonder if they’ve done this one on tour …

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Austin tonight, Brett told the security guards to take the seats out because he wants his Texas fans to dance and have a great time #thisisnotawarmup

Came from Chile, Neil looks happy to meet her, did not write trashy fan fic about him

Austin crowd having a great time
Brett looks like he is ready to go in
They have been meeting even more people before and after shows, they really seem to love the American fans
Brett hanging out for fans before the show in Austin
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