Such bloody awful poetry

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Last one from me ...
thanks Karen 🥰🥰🥰
Canadian Rifkie and lil eddy and gay Neil....

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
So you haven’t read the nice piece about you????
Canadian Rifkie....
That was a tribute from me to you...
I was saying a few positive things about you... and maybe 1-2 bad things..
but over all I think I was mainly positive about you.....

This was my entire poem dedicated to you ....
dumb ass 🤪


about Ruth
Kat Fude
Just got back from a walk to the store
Cats ate all the food so I went to get more
Some drama's going down as I entered the door
Police grabbed a woman and laid her on the floor

I don't know what she did, I was a little too late
But I overheard the clerks and I heard one state
Her behavior was far from appropri-ate
And a ban from the store would be her fate

Got my cat food and I got tf out
As I walked outside I could hear the woman shout
From the back of the squad car, "Hey, let me out!"
But she was going to jail, there can be no doubt

The moral of the story is you've got to act right
If the cops show up keep your hands in sight
Get wild at the Dollar Store and you just might
Go to jail, in a cell you'll spend the night

Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 444

cats run up the tree:catface:
when they see im dollar store bound
miao miao is their sound
outdated liver can their food will be:hammer:

Ouse Yous

One for trapped woman and men
Pj Harvey had a word or two View attachment 73180
Baz. You are a poet extraordinaire. Haven’t got time to read them all, just caught the line that a woman’s mind is like a 👨, just smaller. Insightful. True 2. If Leonard Wolfe 🦊 wasn’t dead, he’d publish you. If I get time I’ll come back tomorrow and read the rest.

Vegan Cro Spirit .777



liquored magento seducing sleepy joes wife :" my dear, have some liquor, everyone loves liquor, and
never mind the snaggle tooth"
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