Subvert City (The Punk Thread)

I realize not everyone here necessarily enjoys Punk music, but since it's clear there hasn't been a thread for discussing it and sharing music here in a while (I didn't find one for several pages, anyway), I figure I ought to make one.

I'd like to make this as inclusive as possible, as I like a lot of music that falls anywhere remotely near the "punk" category.

I'm all about this shit lately:

I'd be interested in hearing other bands like them. I'm not into stuff like Sum41 and the like, but I like anything that's super-melodic and really brings "the feels". Dirty production doesn't hurt either.

Talk about anything, though. Chances are, I am open to it. I like pretty much everything from The Dickies to GG Allin. This "neocrust" and "blackened post-hardcore" trend needs to FOAD, though.

Anyway, I'll be here.


i will say that out of that group of bands sum 41 were the killer one that actually had some cred. awesome live as well but i get your point. i know too much of this type of music so im gonna throw up something newish with perfect pussy. got some hype with there singer being pretty and the word pussy in the title and releasing the debut on cassette. not bad

perfect pussy - three
I'm in the middle of listening to something, and I hate to shut it off, but anyway, I've heard a lot of chatter about Perfect Pussy, but I've yet to hear them, and I know nothing about them beyond mentions of the name.

I'll check that link soon.

I love old hardcore, d-beat and especially Germs too, eyeball. I was just making a particular request for recommendations based on my mood at the time. Please feel free to discuss/post anything and everything, even if it's not pertinent to a specific discussion within the thread.

I'm always open to people sharing stuff I might not have heard, and folks should feel encouraged to do so. Sometimes you're just so jazzed about something, you need to share it.

I'll check the your link later on too, US. I'm not sure I've ever actually heard The Adverts, so I look forward to listening to that, too.


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Couple jams from the past work week.

Also digging this new Cold World album
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U should check out geza x and isotope soap if ya can find it and also try vicious circles first album as it was pretty tight. Can't go wrong with social distortions mommys little monster either or either of the first two adolescents records


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I know I've said before but I love punk and hardcore. Since I'm working I can't check the youtube clips posted but I will tonight!


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Not familiar with any of the things raytownian posted. Hmmm

I do know Cold World, though.

I feel like in my older age I am more into those punk/hc bands that had that touch (or sometimes more than a touch) of melody to ‘em. If my icon wasn’t enough of a giveaway.
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