styxhexenhammer666 video on Der Spiegel journalist fraud - link posted on Morrissey Central


Thanks for this.

Personally, I think the last few posts on Central have nothing to do with Morrissey's desire to communicate and more to do with someone doing so on his behalf.
Yet, I'm sure the heated back and forths will commence anyway - so I'm out of this thread ASAP! :)
Have a great holiday everyone - however you celebrate it.
FWD, I love you, but it's Christmas, however anybody calls/celebrates it.
It's the day assigned to His birth.
Merry Christmas
Fuck him, fuck Morrissey, fuck all racists, bigots and hypocrites.
So says the biggest hypocrite of them all. And the biggest liar. And the biggest fraud. Shall I go on? Who remembers when 'P.' Had credibility around here? - it's quite some time ago now. Sad to see.

I would wish you a happy Christmas 'P.', but you don't deserve it, so I won't - Fucky Christmas you miserable, pathetic cunt.
is it really only a couple of years ago to almost the day on here when people were giving lots of hard to find stuff and that's when we got KIT almost as presents,how times have changed,its everything that's changing,the high street,nightlife, pubs closing off to look at nude women to cheer myself up/
I am done.

If assholes like StyxhexenShit are endorsed by Moz or his posse, it’s over.

Thank you and goodnight.
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More often than not I roll my eyes at Skinny but it is undeniably disturbing Morrissey shares videos by this guy who is quite literally a nazi/white supremacist/holocaust truther/the list goes on.

sorry to inform but Moz has not been sharing Skinny videos.:straightface:

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