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I don't know anymore, because you're right that the previous information was that winners would get an email and the print would be mailed separately.



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Fear not. I received my bundle today in a larger than usual recordstore package. I could not believe my eyes! A signed Morrissey print - A4 and the same image as the CD. I pre-ordered on the 9th and got the same delayed messages as everyone else on here. I got the message to say my order was shipped on 27th. Just hope you get a larger recordstore parcel!


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I just got one too! Wasn't expecting that for a minute. The postman had propped it up by the backdoor - thankfully the weather is good so no damage done!


Sounds like everyone who's getting them now is also getting the signed print. Which bodes well, because I got an e-mail saying mine was dispatched yesterday. Fingers crossed, and congratulations to everyone who's got one so far!


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I emailed them the day it was released asking if I was a winner and I just got this email..

"Dear Roky
Thank you for your email.
I am afraid you might not have been the winner, hope you enjoy your order all the same.
Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
Kind Regards"


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They've definitely made a mess of this (not that I'm complaining of course). It does seem unfair that those that got their package already are out of the running for a print. Very unusual way of doing things, still, it's my birthday tomorrow so this is definitely a brilliant early birthday present!


mine came in a large white thin card envelope with 2 bits of card in it, they must have run out of the larger cardboard ones i've seen on the pictures on here.


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Feeling quiet jelous then I realised I've still got a signed vinyl to win hurray.


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I wonder if the The Very Best Of competition will be the same kind of deal; those who have still not received theirs will be the winners. Or has everyone had their CD sent to them already?
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