Study shows Smiths fans are “neurotic"- Pitchfork, BrooklynVegan, NME articles

Smiths Fans Are “Neurotic,” Björk Fans Are “Open,” Study Shows - Pitchfork

"Science has spoken: If you’re a fan of The Smiths, you're probably neurotic. If you're a Björk or Tom Waits fan, you're more likely to be an open to new experiences. And if you're a Marilyn Manson fan, you're probably not very agreeable. This is all according to a 2015 study of Facebook "likes" conducted by Stanford University and Cambridge University's Psychometrics Center, recently highlighted by The New York Times in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal."

Smiths fans are neurotic say Facebook researchers - Brooklyn Vegan

"The examples of “likes” which predicted someone was likely to be “Most Neurotic” were all bands: The Smiths, Placebo, Marilyn Manson, Escape the Fate, and Bring Me the Horizon. The “Least Neurotic” likes, however, were all sports-related: ESPN, its show SportsCenter, plus Derrick Rose, The Miami Heat, and football (the general sport). This would probably not be a surprise to Morrissey who once sang, “Please excuse me from gym, I have a terrible cold coming on,” on The Smiths’ “The Headmaster Ritual.”"

Neurotic? Moi!?

Shoplifterromo sends the link:

The Smiths and Bring Me The Horizon fans are the “most neurotic”, study finds - NME
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life is unoriginal enough. do we really need "scientific" research to prove this fact?
i am just a bit surprised that this obvious shit is taken seriously...
and im not a smiths fan.


Make mine Mogatu!
She has rare moments of beauty scattered throughout her catalog, but she disappears up herself to a degree that very few other artists do, and I feel that most of her work serves no one but herself. Also, her enunciation and phrasing irks me to no end. It's too precious for my tastes.
You know what is particularly amusing regarding Bjork's enunciation and phrasing - that this is all her own doing and not a product of a regular Icelandic accent when speaking English. I lived in Iceland for several years and most everyone (except for the oldest generations) speaks English very well. No one paces their speech like she does - when singing or otherwise.

I agree - she can annoy.



life is unoriginal enough. do we really need "scientific" research to prove this fact?
i am just a bit surprised that this obvious shit is taken seriously...
and im not a smiths fan.
Wait, is this true?
you're not a smith's fan?

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I'm still just not certain about the difference between neurosis and openness... which may explain why I like both Bjork and the Smiths. :)

This is dumb clickbait.


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well I am, and I got few other t shirts

but as FWD said I also liked the Sugarcubes, as lots of other bands albums

I'm 52, hope the get 53 within a month.


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Who the hell pays for this shit?
It does not have to be true, only it has to seem true and some people will pay for it. I wouldn't despise this things. Wars were won in this way. I mean, not actually doing things, but by convincing people that some things can be done. Some bloodhound could follow the trail of this. They are genius, but the new generations are losing the subtlety.
I never understand why people spend time compiling this kind of thing.
I have never ever found a single person who only likes or listens to one singer or band. We all listen to hundreds of different artists. This kind of crap is about as useful or as worthy as trying to convince folk that depending on what day of the year you were born ultimately determines your personality etc.
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Quando hit the nail on the head. Pity he didn't hit the author on the head too.
Mind you, I would if I could.
Not very hard but just enough to shuffle his brain cells in the hope they would suddenly fall all in the right position. :)


The keyword here is “probably”.
There is nothing scientific about the word probably.

By the way, there could be a difference between Smiths fans in general, and Moz fans (In general), probably.

It’s all crap and the source is completely unreliable. In any case that CEO stepped down and did apoligize.
That Fakeboohoo superman should have the decency to do the same but I’m not counting on it.
You're right, there is nothing scientific about the word 'probably'. Like we 'probably' evolved from apes.

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I can’t wait until they finally correlate in the results from “Which Golden Girl Are You?” quiz. Overlap it with your favorite musician and that should be some truly insightful psychometrics.

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