"Studio in Session" recorded in July 2011 in-flight, on Canadian Super Channel

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By smiler on Mar 26, 2012 at 6:24 PM
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    i just returned from me 'olidays in Thailand - flew on Thai airways. In the in-flight entertainment tv selection there was something called "studio sesions" which had documentary footage of various artists (mostly new acts) recording "live" versions of recent tracks in the studio setting, this episode (episode 1) included Morrrisey. Tony Visconti produced the session in Temple Lane studios (quite recently) and he was there encouraging and engineering rather than activiely producing (as the song were recorded as "live" takes) they was very brief behind the scenes footage of banter between him morrissey and the band and they played the four new songs (not art-hounds). I hadn't seen this footage anywhere else before - has anyone else heard of this or seen it?

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by smiler, Mar 26, 2012.

    1. status
      Yup! I've heard of it, it's called "Studio in Session". I made a thread about it a few months ago but apparently nobody knew anything, there was only one reply and then it was forgotten forever. It's available to watch a few places online if you have a subscription to a certain cable channel in Canada.


      There's a link to watch it online here. And another one here and here. I've been hoping somebody would come around who could watch it and perhaps post it online for everyone to see, but nobody has yet... maybe this time there'll be some luck. I'm interested in seeing it, anyway.

      Thanks for the info! I was wondering what he'd play on it.
    2. mcrickson
      Dammit. So they played "Action is My Middle Name," "People Are the Same Everywhere," "The Kid's A Looker," and "Scandinavia"?
      Well, fuck.
      Obviously, I'd still very much like to see it. Mild irony that only Canadians may see it at the moment :rolleyes:
      Can anyone make this available for the rest of us?
    3. smiler
      its definately worth a look - if only to watch morrissey behind the mic in the studio setting - the takes of the songs are good too (the best i've seen) particularly "Action" and Tony Visconti's involvement is intriguing. The banter is also amusing.
    4. 123xyz
      I had a look on one of status' links and (the horror, the horror) found the download was set to expire on the 30/3/12. I hope some kind Canadian can snaffle it for us before then.
    5. sander
      Hopefully some kind canadian soul can make this available for all of us. From germany you canĀ“t watch it or get an account, unfortunately.
    6. billybu69
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    7. sander
    8. cossy
      Thanks for the info. The songs were recorded in Temple Lane in between Moz dates in Dublin on Sat 30th July. It was rumoured at the time it would be broadcast around Xmas on MTV.
    9. Stephane
      Yeah I am, but my cable provider doesn't carry Super Channel. I've asked around and haven't yet found anybody I know who's a customer of one of the providers who offer it. Rogers is big in Ontario and western Canada. Perhaps someone in Toronto or Vancouver or in between could get this for us.
    10. Anonymous
      This program was immediately followed by the annual Canadian Seal Hunt
    11. singyourlife
      Youre very bright, 'Anonymous'. Like many countless unjust acts in the world, the seal hunt is actively protested against in Canada by many including MYSELF! Im thinking youre 100%animal cruelty free and the Mayor of Pleasantville but I think I may have typed alittle too much for your attention span anyhow....eh?
    12. Anonymous
      tehe...cheers, brilliant!
    13. Anonymous
      You should tell that to Morrissey, he has the knack of generalizing a whole nation by something like seal hunting, everyone gets shit for something that happens in there country.
      he doesn't say one word about the cruelty that happens to animals in Mexico, nothing but nice words, oh no,doesn't want to upset Mexicans does he now. but everywhere else he'd say anything, bit of a fascist.
      It seems he doesnt really care about the animals that much seems he is selective in what he complains about, he just uses it for publicity seems like.
    14. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      I looked for any site which allows to watch cable tv at pc but I found nothing. I'm not sure but it may be because I am not in Canada. Then, I'd to suggest that someone in canada tries to find it available.
    15. telly
      Don't they sell children for sex in Jakarta and kill sharks and dolphins in Japan? I think as a Canadian morrissey doesn't really like to play here. Either way his music is way more important to me rather than his beliefs or possible publicity schemes. He really hasn't changed but I like him for who be is not who I want him to be. Lastly, most Canadians are against the seal hunt, I have written my MP, the prime minister as well as Barack Obama to ask him to ask our prime minister. We are trying to end it
    16. Anonymous
      Morrissey joined an ongoing protest against Canada organized by PETA. They are very close to shutting down the seal hunt. This wasn't an 'out of the blue' boycott. Sometimes people have to pick their battles. This one is winnable.
    17. Gentler Words
      Gentler Words
      Art Hounds is my favorite of the new ones, though. I hope he doesn't toss it aside. :eek:
    18. celibate
      as always it's waiting till TTY confirms it

      the Dublin story is more likeble, but for MTV only? maybe they are remaster
      the new songs allready played, with no recorddeal, doubt there's an album coming soon.
    19. Pokey
      No Art-Hounds? No thanks :(

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