Studio demos and tapes from 1992?

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By davidt on Feb 29, 2012 at 11:28 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    An anonymous person writes:

    Hi have found two tapes that I was given years ago that have been forgotten in a box. One contains 'We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful' 'You're The One For Me Fatty' 'National Front Disco' and 'Certain People I Know' it is a TDK 90 cassette with 'Morrissey Tracks 23/02/92 written on it. To my untrained ears it sounds like the album tracks but with drum 'click ins' and rough slightly extended (by a few seconds) endings.

    The other is just entitled 'Morrissey Tunes - Demo's 1' in the same handwriting and is undated. This appears to contain the instrumental backing track of an whole album, but maybe it is just a set list but as I am not all that knowledgeable on Morrissey I have yet to identify the songs.

    Have these sort of items ever come up for sale and would they be of interest to collectors?
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 29, 2012.

    1. Abrahan
      yes and yes. send to me and i can convert for the world to hear.
    2. CrystalGeezer
      I can hear the resounding thud of collectors shitting their pants as they hear this news.
    3. fatboz
      knowledgeable on morrissey enough to know this site
    4. ¡Viva Morrissey!
      ¡Viva Morrissey!
      Oh? Look at that. Another hoax. Status quo.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      It doesn't take a brain surgeon to find this site. :straightface:
    6. Anonymous
      Well, if you google "Morrissey," this site is the third result that isn't an official site or a wikipedia page so...
    7. Uncleskinny
      And you know this how?
    8. Innes
      Hello original poster, if you really dont know this site, please brace yourself.**You have breached the inner sanctum, this will enrage the goofballs.... I love moz, but there's nothing, nowhere as bitter as some moz fans, *any celeb, fan or friend who gets close enough to touch the hem of his cloth Is, on this site especially , rounded on and pilloried.. Don't let if get to you tho... It's a real shame, the site is brilliant, it's a delight to get news on moz that's so detailed and regular, *I've followed it for as long as i can remember and david t, who runs the site must be a saint...

      Though I've only posted a handful of times, and almost*
      every post has been to defend *some poor soul, who's in the firing line... *So as I see a few of the lonely hearts club are rounding like vultures.. I'm just hollering a warning.. It's not you it's them. Viva *morrissey , viva David t, viva moz solo...*
    9. celibate
      someone desperately in need for cash

      otherwise I'd put them here for all the comunity of the Manchester Legend or Band for free,
      lot's have done, and will do also

      any fool [well, dont ask me] can put the casette music on a cd, matter of taping and put a casette deck and a DVD player

      sorry for the first line, about the cash, but mailing to David T who made it an open item, as it has
      gone, you're stuff, and what to do with it, or what have I in my box...the news that's unique and that might others
      have get it, sounds to me...mail me for a deal

      good luck, and don't be suprised Morrissey's lawyers will find you

      [it might be Spencer's Ars'n'all music demoo to rehearsle at home or the band, whatever]

      now we have 3 unreleased albums, oh my;)
    10. shayde
      the copyright in any instrumental compositions would almost certainly belong to alain whyte or boz boorer, so it's unlikely anyone could advertise them for sale on ebay or such without getting contacted by lawyers. hence probably why he tried here, to see if david t or anyone would buy them (without having to overtly advertise).

      without morrissey singing though - they aren't quite 'morrissey' songs though, so surely their appeal to any fan would be of limited interest?
    11. Anonymous
      They're the best kind of Morrissey songs. He should do more instrumental tracks (but with different musicians).
    12. Anonymous
      luv it.

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