Stuart Murdoch from B+S interview , Moz ,Smiths praised.


gas meter

Just to let you all know that In the November issue of Esquire on page 48 , there's a nice interview with Stuart Murdoch . Esquire - "Your music is rooted in the sixties . Do you listen to much new music these days? "

SM- " Not really . I go back to the stuff I love just now: Television, The Left Banke, Orange Juice ,THE SMITHS . Morrissey was easily pop's greatest poet . Take away the music and the words are as good as,if not better than, anything taught in school, and then you've got the music sending it home.
I rate them above the Beatles and the Stones ,all that bunch. Although the band would argue otherwise ."

Nice to see such positive words about the genius that is Morrissey , especially the line about being taught Morrissey in school , how good would that be ?

cheers Gas Meter.
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