Striptease With A Difference


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Do we think this track will ever see the light of Day? It was from the Bona Drag era wasn't it, so why wasn't it on the re-issue?
It is one of my favourite unreleased Morrissey songs.
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I don't understand this either. It seemed a perfect time to include it on the new version of Bona Drag but instead we get crap like 'Oh Phoney'. Another wasted oppourtunity and another reissue ruined by thoughtless track selection.


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I agree, it's mystifying. Not only is it a vastly better song than any of the new tracks included on Bona Drag, it's better than most of the songs on the original Bona Drag. One of the better songs he's recorded, in fact.



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I fully encourage Morrissey to lose at a game of Strip Solitaire and email me the pics. kthx!


Not that I think Bona Drag should've ever been re released but if it had to be then the track listing should've been...

Piccadilly Palare (Original Short version)
Interesting Drug
November Spawned a Monster (not the 2nd)
Will Never Marry (long version)
Such a little thing makes such a big difference
The Last of the Famous International Playboys
Ouija Board, Ouija Board (Original long version)
Hairdresser on Fire
Everyday is like Sunday
He knows I'd love to see him
Yes, I am blind
Lucky Lisp

Extra Tracks:

Striptease with a Difference
Oh Phoney (not new crappy one)
Born to hang
Please help the cause against loneliness
I know very well how I got my name (classical guitar version)

The sleeve was fine so throw the new one in the toilet. While you're at it Moz each Bona Drag should have come with a t shirt with one of the singles printed on it like the old days :)

t shirt mate, t shirt mate, t shirt mate, t shirt mate....


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Does anyone remember, I guess it was late 90's early 00 before Michael Legg released Striptease when we were all talking about if it existed or not. Then someone on soulseek I think, put up a track that the very beginning 10 seconds or so had this soft Morrissey like music, then went into this raunchy stripper music with a cow mooing. That is pretty much the only way to describe it.
Does anyone else remember that time in Moz history?


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A quick read of the Mozipedia tells me that Morrissey seemed to despise this song. When a fan mentioned it at a press conference he was astonished that they had even heard of it.

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Morrissey should be careful who he gabs too then. He broached the subject of the song in a wonderful interview with Nick Kent for 'The Face' back in March 1990 Morrissey: Has He Lost His Grip?
Mind you, I'm not too surprised he doesn't remember it. I think he and Kent were on quality pharmaceuticals at the time.

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A quick read of the Mozipedia tells me that Morrissey seemed to despise this song. When a fan mentioned it at a press conference he was astonished that they had even heard of it.

He shouldn't have been that astonished, he had mentioned the song in an interview in The Face, it wasn't a secrete.
...I have heard this song, and I tend to agree with should never see the light of day officially, in my humble opinion...It is not exactly "Play this at my Funeral" material....surely only of interest to Fans, but I don't think it's an essential addition to anyones collection...
Mind you, I suppose it "Works" on the "Born to Hang" compilation thingy....ermmm....getting confuzzled now...:crazy:


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I completely disagree. I think it's a very catchy pop-song, with obvious melodic qualities that exceed the majority of songs Morrissey has recorded. I can think of at least a couple of his studio albums on which it would have been the best song, of included. It should even have had some hit potential. Also, the lyrics are extremeley funny. It may sound more like a madness song than a Morrissey song, but I don't mind that. By comparison, most of the extra tracks on the BD reissue could have been safely consigned to the dustbin of history at no great loss even to fans, in my opinion. But that's the vagaries of taste for you I suppose. :)



I really like Striptease and rate it above the messy stuff cobbled on to the reissue.

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Striptease is great pop. Like someone said it has obvious melodic qualities. And good hulmerist lyrics.
Songs like The bed took fire and November the 2nd weren't really interesting when we first heard them all those years ago and they certainly aren't worthy of official release.
Re-issue extra tracks should always be exclusive tracks (or at least hard-to-get tracks).
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