Strangeways (2564665879) LP - red title & embossed?

Today I came across the Strangeways Rhino release (I believe), but strangely I found this version with the band name (embossed) and title on the front in red/pink. Does anyone have any information re. this release? Is this rare?

Catalog number: 2564665879

I think is this one, but here's with the band name and title on the front in the common tan/grey:

Unfortunately I do not have any pics.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Famous when dead

I believe it to be the "European" version of the Rhino 2012 release.
The embossing is correct, but the font colour is very odd. Possibly just one of those colour issues you get occasionally.
I can find a couple similar online with no real info, but this colour seems more common - still not pinky red though:

Smiths-Strangeways (1).jpg


Edit: back colouring makes it even more interesting :)
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Whoops didn’t notice the tracks on the back, (the previous image was cropped). Interesting tho, the pink lettering on the back almost certainly means it’s not sun bleached. Like FWD says, prob a botched ink job, has to go down as a misprint then. I really like it! Will be keeping an eye out from now on. Thanks for sharing!


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...there’s 77 copies of the 2012 Rhino 2564665879 reissue on Discogs, I’m sure if you asked every seller to check the titles you might get lucky. 77 emails is a bit too much for me tho!


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The Strangeways cover has always bored me when it comes to collecting, there’s no real stand out variations. Saying that, you don’t realise just how different the colour of the titles is until you directly compare them to other versions.


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Picked one of these up in HMV yesterday for £28.99. Was absolutely shocked when I saw it... had some very minor dings to the opening, but it was the only copy, so I snapped it up.
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