Strange/unexpected Moz references?

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There's a music show on Atlanta's college-run WRAS 88.5 radio station called Louder Than Bombs....I remember at one time the show was called The World Won't Listen, then it was changed to Pop Goes the World, now back to a Smiths title...They play new wave, Britpop, and, of course, some Smiths and Moz (even though I didn't hear any as I caught the show for a few moments this evening). Not so strange or unexpected, but nice nonetheless. :thumb:


they plaster the tube stations and also on adpillars all around hamburg moz posters for the gig in november :thumb:
when i first saw one i clasped my hands in delight and cheered in front of it while my friend stand next to me embarressed:D
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Just watching Sky Sports 1, Arsenal V Liverpool and in the Emirtes Stadium they were playing, What Difference does it make


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morrissey was spoken about on 'Argumentative', a new series for Dave.
They were aruguing about death and quoted what difference does it make.


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I know I have seen the "we're all gonna die" one, but the Natalie Dee comic site has this one too which I think is way cute...



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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but one of the questions on 'The Wright Stuff' this morning was something like 'was Morrissey right to walk off stage after being hit by a bottle?'. It all fell a little flat though, nobody on the panel seemed to have particularly strong opinions on it! Although the guy from Squeeze told a story about seeing Morrissey sitting staring at the floor and refusing to look at anyone backstage at Jools Holland once...


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Was just watching part 2 of a show about the noughties on the BBC, they were talking about Simon Cowell and at one point in the segment they played Bigmouth Strikes Again :p.
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