Strange/unexpected Moz references?


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Morrissey gets a mention in the queercore band Pansy Division's song "Homo Christmas"

"You'll probably get sweaters
Underwear and socks
But what you'd really like for Christmas
Is a nice hard cock
You deserve a cute boy
Who's horny and queer
To make the most out of Christmas cheer
I wanna be your Christmas present
I wanna be your Christmas queer
I wanna be your Christmas present
Have a homo Christmas this year
Don't be miserable
Like Morrissey
Let me do you
Underneath the Christmas tree
We'll push the packages
Out of the way
And after you've unwrapped me
Naked on the floor we'll play
Your family
Won't give you encouragement
But let me give you
Sexual nourishment
Licking nipples
Licking nuts
Putting candy canes
Up each other's butts"

(I can't help but wonder if Morrissey knows about this reference and if so, what he thinks about it.)


I'm watching Channel 4 right now, a British indie rock band Raygun's drummer is wearing a Morrissey T-shirt?

Yep, he's wearing an unofficial one.

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NeverPlayed noticed that a Morrissey tab was on the 'Featured Tabs' section of the homepage yesterday. It was a Years of Refusal song, but I've forgotten which one.


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I heard This Charming Man in the Co-op this morning when I was getting some milk. Then, not only that, but I hear the New York Vocal version in Hobbycraft in Crayford later on. :p


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please please please let me get what i want, just played on corrie!
*thought it was well placed and funny myself*

(yes so ive had a BAD day and this made it all better :lbf:)


tonight ' please let me get what i want ' was aired heavily on coronation street here in the UK . One of the characters was about to go nuts smashing up a medical centre and the music was played just before an advert

perhaps a piece of useless infomation but it's not what you expect when your tucking into your chees and onion sandwiches on a friday night !
Yeahh, it was dead funny with the man crying...Hey I'm from Wales too!!!
Good to know that many people still watch Corrie.


Aye, well I listen to it...I never bother watching the thing, that was pure luck that I heard The Smiths because I listen to them 24/7 haha!


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i was talking with my grandma today, and she was telling me how she was watching one of these crime shows where someone put a body through a blender or something, and the investigator said something along the lines of "thats like morrissey's meat is murder." ill ask her what the show was
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