Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Classic Album Review: Morrissey | You Are The Quarry.

I mean in the sense of I'm Not A Man i.e. non-violent and nurturing of life, while challenging threats to it.

Are you following the Ringleader of the Tormentors blogs? I think the latest over-reaches with unfounded leaps of logic, in deducing that Morrissey's artistic detour into the world of London gangsters says things about his character -

Could go in the On This Day thread too so :guitar:
The blog is interesting but I think misses the main reason Moz is attracted to characters like the Krays: they live outside the law, the 'rules' of society. They create their own rules. No one tells them what to do. What to say. That is very attractive for an artist. Many have described crime itself as a form of 'art'. It certainly can come with a similar notoriety. A similar fame. Or infamy.
Couple of tiny mentions in June's Record Collector (558):

Colin Meloy:

Pete Wylie:
Funny video produced by Paddy Power featuring former Spurs players declaring their love and support for Manchester City in their quest to finish ahead of Arsenal and win the Premier League on Sunday.
Glen Hoddle talks about his love of Manchester music including The Smiths
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