Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Morrissey mentions in WSJ story about the NY Jets and Aaron Rogers injury

From Famous when dead:

Ungated article:
And the mention is simply:
"Cue Rodgers in a walking boot, doing an impression of the Smiths mournful singer Morrissey: “I’VE SEEN THIS HAPPEN IN OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES/ NOW IT’S HAPPENING IN MINE.”"
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Topical upload today.
Full show (Morrissey ~last 6 minutes).
Not better quality than the preexisting clip.

Sounds like the vocal stem over a synth string arrangement.
FWD.'s February 15, 2023 article with the predicted release date for Without Music The World Dies is almost upon us:

"In the meantime, Morrissey has announced another new album, "Without Music the World Dies", to arrive on September 30, 2023."

With no 'rumblings' about it anywhere - this is looking highly unlikely (where they plucked the date from in the first place would be nice).
I don‘t think we will ever get new studio music from Morrissey until he dies. :( And this is Morrissey‘s fault alone!
According to about 7 people on Twitter he deserves a label because many people want to buy these two unreleased albums. This despite not many people buying his previous albums. That’s the logic anyway. Unsure where the release bonfire now idiot’s lobbying of Capitol is up to 🤔😕

(~1:40 mark)

YT OP suggests it's the first time Bragg changed the lyrics. On this occasion to:
"...threaten me with Morrissey. Sexuality... what ever happened to that guy?"

But it was already a thing. October 1, 2022 in Philadelphia:
"Sexuality, don't threaten me with Morrissey... what happened to that bloke, eh?"

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