Strange/unexpected Moz references?

From a Stereogum article by Danielle Chelosky, an extended interview with Geoff Rickly. Moz content as follows:

What’s your favorite Smiths song?
RICKLY: Probably “This Night Has Opened My Eyes.”
How do you feel about Morrissey?
RICKLY: I mean, it sucks. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a Robert Smith guy. And that’s like a Blur versus Oasis type of thing. I’m always team Robbie, no matter what, guy’s the best. We went on tour with them. He’s legitimately a great guy. So it doesn’t crush me that Morrissey has some janky political opinions because I never swooned over him. I just thought, “What a great voice. What a great singer. Those are great songs.” That’s kind of it.
We played a festival with him and I watched as as driver picked him up in a silver Mercedes at the backstage and drove him the 150-200 feet to the stage. He got out in a nice British raincoat and looked down at mud ahead of him and sighed and the driver put down some cloth for him to walk across to the stage. I was like, “Yeah, that’s Morrissey.” I actually was very gratified to see that happen. I was like, “Cool. He’s not a character.” Like he’s a character, but he’s not in character. That’s f***ing him.

I'm listening to a Beatles podcast from 2018. There's a half-dozen Smiths references. This one is about Rubber Soul.

Much to my surprise, I ran across one today in an art textbook ("Living With Art," 6th ed.), in amongst the Leonardos, Van Goghs, Japanese woodcuts, and Greek statues:


Yes, it's really about the artist/designer who created the image, but....Where is the most unexpected place you've seen or heard a Morrissey reference?
WWE announcers Michael & I think Brad started mixing YATQ titles in their conversation. Though I was hearing things but he's a lot more famous than a lot of people think imo.
Looking for information about the aphorism "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" I came across this article. Maybe someone will be interested, maybe not. Anyway, I leave it here.


TDs are absolutely worth owning if you ever get an opportunity.
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