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An article in the Times about 1975 frontman Matty Healy has a couple of Morrissey mentions. Full article below:

Matty Healy is that rare thing — a pop star who delights in ruffling feathers. Which, call me old-fashioned, is one of the things that pop stars are meant to do. The most telling part of his excellent recent interview with The New Yorker came when Healy addressed the subject of Harry Styles. This is sensitive ground — the two have been compared for years.

They are both effeminate but basically straight, curly-haired sex symbols who have eclipsed their bands; Styles with One Direction, Healy with the 1975, although he’s never gone solo. Both occupy that volatile space between commercial and cool and both have been romantically linked to Taylor Swift.

Yet there is one big difference between the two, impishly highlighted by Healy, 34, in the interview. Discussing how the 1975 invited Styles, 29, to join them at one of their shows, Healy said: “He gave us a hard no . . . he’s afraid that he would have to say something.” This has never been a problem for Healy.

He has sung with insight and candour about masculinity and online culture, tweeted after the death of George Floyd that “if you truly believe that ‘all lives matter’ you need to stop facilitating the end of black ones” and told anti-abortion lawmakers in Alabama that “you are not men of God, you are simply misogynistic wankers”. Responding to rumours of dating Swift in 2014, Healy said that being her boyfriend would be “emasculating”, something that Styles, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston et al may well have felt but didn’t admit in public.

In 2014 I met Healy at Pikes, the hotel in Ibiza where Wham! shot the video for Club Tropicana in 1983 and Freddie Mercury had a birthday party that is said to have featured dwarfs with saucers of cocaine on their heads. Healy seemed right at home, chain-smoking Marlboro Lights by the pool in a trilby. In some ways he is a better fit with the licentious, morally nebulous Eighties than he is with today’s pristine pop landscape. “I’m an easy person to dislike,” Healy told me, adding that he had “proper pop stars and stuff wanting to shag me all the time”. Did he mean Swift, who was pictured around that time in a 1975 T-shirt? Fabulously, he said he wrestled with questions such as “Am I the Messiah, you know?”

You could compare Healy to another fey, controversial frontman of a Manchester band. He certainly doesn’t share Morrissey’s politics, describing himself as a “traditional progressive who is suspicious of woke-ism”, or his attitude towards meat, having taken bites of steak on stage. He does, though, have some of Morrissey’s willingness to offend.

That was the case in February when Healy appeared on The Adam Friedland Show, a woke-lampooning podcast in which he laughed while the hosts imitated Inuit and Chinese accents and joked about the ethnic heritage of the American rapper Ice Spice. Healy later apologised, saying, “We all get it wrong, and I just have to do it in public.” In April he deleted his Instagram account, stating, “I make a joke out of everything and I’ve taken it too far sometimes.”

In this case, yes, although you wonder if his links to the squeaky-clean Swift played a part in his contrition. While I hope he doesn’t turn into Morrissey, I also hope he doesn’t become like Swift, Styles and their fellow A-listers, who burnish their liberal credentials but seldom say anything that can be construed as spiky or even unusual. You could argue that Healy is at the rung below them on the fame ladder — they have more to lose. Although I suspect he would be like this even if he were a megastar. And what a megastar he would make.

Used to see Matt with his dad Tim around Alderley Edge when he was younger, weird to see he's dating Taylor Swift.
Brief mention in

What We’re Listening To: Nina Simone, The Smiths & Other Things You Need To Hear.

"The Smiths — The Smiths
Over their short but prolific career, The Smiths cemented themselves as one of the most significant indie groups of the 80s. Fronted by the enigmatic Morrissey, The Smiths charmed the world with four fantastic studio albums, one live album and three compilations in the very short space of five years.
Their self-titled debut album The Smiths is arguably one of the best debut albums released in the 80s, from the harmonica-driven ‘Hand in Glove’, to the ridiculously catchy ‘This Charming Man’ and the 60s swing of ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle’. Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke (who passed away on May 19, 2023) created passionate alternative music that captured the hearts of a nation and the world. “Oh Manchester, so much to answer for.”"

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Haven't logged in to this website in years (although I've been lurking for the past few weeks) so... Hello I guess?:blushing:

It's Boris Ryzhy's rope spinning
It's Iggy Pop's record spinning
In Ian Curtis' flat
It's Eduard Starkov's string ripping
A landslide crushes Danila Bagrov
So slowly the day drags on
So slowly the life drags on
This is Ceausescu in his death agony
Hot lead penetrates his stomach
It's a longing for the time gone
A longing for what will never happen again
This is Ceausescu in his death agony
We can go home, the bridges are closed
Better to lie in the cold dew
Life isn't worth even a handful of earth
This is Ceausescu in his death agony
The city is drowning in autumnal mud
To get on the train or to lie under the train
There's no choice
It's Morrissey's cancer tumor
It's Kurt Cobain's rifle watching
Like it's solving all the problems at once
So disgusting is life
So disgusting is death
Smashing into the ice like a caught fish
With Rafał Wojaczek's sold-out book
And looking left and down is
It's Morrissey's cancer tumor
It's a bit uncanny how all the other people mentioned (except Iggy Pop although he's mentioned in context of Ian Curtis' suicide) killed themselves or died in some other gruesome way. But I guess there must be some deeper meaning to it. :unsure:
A very brief Moz-mention in Julie Burchill's latest (rather lovely) piece for the Spectator. Relevant bit below:

I love it here [Brighton] all year round. In the winter walking on the prom is like living in a Morrissey song, communing with the timeless spirit of our damp, dazzling island race. But when the sun comes out, it truly is ‘that paradise of brightness’ that A.E. Coppard eulogised and that S.P.B. Mais was thinking of when he stated that: ‘Anyone who does not live in Brighton must be mad and should be locked up’.

Via a FB group (G. Lemons).

I'm guessing Sam didn't read the "good riddance to false friends" letter...
She was a short notice replacement on the Riot Fest lineup in 2021 (bottom of the bill for the preview party). There was no firsthand evidence they crossed paths.
The letter from Jesse was very direct, but time marches on. Still, it is slightly surprising to see SER photographing her (I'd guess the venue being in Manchester helped).
The post was added here simply due to all the furore surrounding her.

Camila with Adam Lambert @ the RAH.

Well, there's at least one customer for that guaranteed...
"It’s not often you meet a formerly devout Christian, self-proclaimed nonbinary artist and seventh-generation Carolinian who can cover the heck out of John Prine, pick apart the egos of superstars like Toby Keith and Morrissey in the same breath, and get a roomful of tattooed cowboys and urban hipsters laughing out loud while also moving them to tears. But that’s exactly what you get with Adeem the Artist, one of the most original – and compelling – singer/songwriters working in Nashville today."

The task here is to find the song or outburst implicating Morrissey
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