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'Tough to find classic'

Birmingham Oasis earlier today.
Picture via myself.
Vulture have an article about Andy Rourke and what he brought to The Smiths, with some interesting musicological insights.

And then the usual stuff at the end about Morrissey...

The closing paragraph:

Andy Rourke shouldn’t have had to clamor for the sliver of the Smiths’ payday that he did receive. It shouldn’t have even been a sliver. Pull his parts out and the songs collapse. The maneuvers that put Rourke at a disadvantage in the band that made him famous are inseparable from the story of its hits. And the xenophobic rhetoric Morrissey has shared over the years is difficult to pry off of the smirking, aching loneliness that colors his early work. From the vantagepoint of 2023, where the pathway from jilted isolationism to nationalism and exclusionism is very well lit, it turns out to be a short trip from “England is mine, and it owes me a living” and “Has the world changed or have I changed?” to Brexit and the For Britain Movement. Sometimes, everything burns up just as quickly and magnificently as it gels. It’s important to understand why it happens, to view a creative endeavor as a series of plays people made, not just carving out bits we want to remember and papering over parts that make us uneasy. We’d have less idols to shatter that way.

(Referring to For Britain as any kind of "Movement" is, of course, laughably off-base.)
Well thanks for posting it here so we don't click on it!
Andy Rourke shouldn’t have had to clamor for the sliver of the Smiths’ payday that he did receive. It shouldn’t have even been a sliver.
As unnecessary as some of the other comments in the article are, I do agree with this sentiment. Morrissey and Marr should have been far more generous when it came to splitting the profit share.
Good interview with Noel G in the Irish Times, all the usual stuff covered including should bands reunite, etc. The relevant part:

Would he go to see The Smiths if they reformed, though? [The question is posed before the death of Smiths bassist Andy Rourke on May 19th.]
He thinks for a moment. “Well, yeah,” he says. “When I see Morrissey it’s great, and when I see Johnny, it’s great. Now, clearly, if Morrissey and Marr got back together, it’d be outrageous. But I know how he [Marr] feels about it, and some things are best left in the past, y’know? They just are. They. Just. Are. And I know we live in this modern world where the consumer gets what they want all the time; that’s why the world is so shit. But no. I mean, I can’t speak for him [Marr], but he’s never mentioned anything to me, and I wouldn’t dare mention anything to him. Would I go and see them? f***in’ hell, absolutely, yeah, yeah. Do I think it should happen?” He sighs. “Only if it made them happy.”


If I didn't know better, I may have caught a glimpse of myself in '86...
I got an email, telling me about an artist called Mark Sloper. He has done quite a few interesting pieces, but especially these three Smiths lyric influenced art work.


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