Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Wonder if this was ever noted on solo?

Mark E Smith parodies Morrissey NME front cover, 1988

This wonderful and frightening photo of MES has long perplexed fans. My theory was that it was a deliberate parody of Morrissey's topless NME cover from just a few weeks previous to the publication of Spex.

So I recently tracked down the photographer, Wolfgang Burat, and asked him. And he kindly took the time to reply and confirm that I was right - it was a satire of Morrissey's picture.’
Where was this?
Warners (UK) have restocked these vinyls:
Louder Than Bombs @ ~£43
Strangeways... @ ~£30
Any decent record shop who deal with Warners should be able to order them in for people.
Just listened to Simon Peggs appearance on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on the BBC iplayer. One of the songs he picked was Accept Yourself.

"Jangly Marr brilliance, Morrissey complaining. I mean what's not to like?"

And no "I don't like him now" declaration.
Not so much a Morrissey reference but a reference Morrissey would reference.

"After five years, you have again been kind enough to ask me to luncheon. The reason for this is that I have just published a successful book: the reason I have had a successful book is that I do not go out and waste my time and energy, but work hard, morning and afternoon. If I accept your kind invitation, I shall have to leave off earlier in the morning, and shall be too tired to work in the afternoon. Then my next book will not be such a success, and you will not ask me to luncheon; or, at best, less often. So that, under these circumstances, I am sure you will agree it is wiser for me not to accept your present kind invitation."

Edith Sitwell | Letter to Mrs. Almer, 1931 | Edith Sitwell: Avant garde poet, English genius

Watch The Smiths' bizarre appearance on kids' TV in the 80s

Funnily, it wasn't 'bizarre' at the time.
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