Strange/unexpected Moz references?

:rolleyes: Yes, because Morrissey’s voice lacks passion. Idiot.
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German TV host/comedian Jan Böhmermann has released a song making fun of Germany's tradition of failing at the European Song Contest. He references Moz visually as well as vocally in the video, up to opening with a TCM vocal mannerism.

Allemagne Zero Points (YT)

Another one of those weird NME interview / quiz things, where Morrissey often pops up. This time it's with two former members of Bucks Fizz because, you know, Eurovision:

Which indie star denounced Bucks Fizz’s 1984 single ‘Golden Days’ as “one would hear more vocal passion from an ape under anaesthetic. Inexcusably dim”?

Both laugh.
Cheryl: “I’ve no idea!”
NUL-POINTS! (WRONG) It was Morrissey in Smash Hits.
Jay: “Well, I didn’t expect that! That’s fabulous.”
Cheryl: “[Laughs] Morrissey?! Blimey! Morrissey makes music to fall asleep to! Good grief! That’s hilarious! Music to slit your throat by – that’s Morrissey. No vocal passion? That’s the pot calling the kettle black!”
good to see the girls getting their own back,iv always like bucks fizz,land of make believe is one of my favourite songs.
Jay is a ‘she’. I am showing my age now but Jay was a sauce pot back in the day. She was often spoke about as… ahem ‘a bit of a girl…’ if you get my drift.
yeah lionel,couple a crackers in the very early 80s,they never took themselves too seriously,they knew what they were and that was good old pop music.
Unrelated to the topic on hand but looks like Notre Dame will be debuted on the forthcoming tour. Take a look at Cam Grey's IG story.


Much like Brendan's 'we've learnt 100 songs' - there's no guarantee anything being prepared now will appear on stage?
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