Strange/unexpected Moz references?


How some of these have survived so well always amazes me.
BBC quiz show Impossible had a Smiths question.

The question was asking the title of Smiths' first UK top 20 hit.
I believe you all know the answer.
This is an old reference from the BBC sitcom 2 Point 4 Children that's currently available to watch on iplayer. In the opening scene of the third episode in the third series (Badger's Bend) a blunt-speaking ever-grumbling working-class Londoner says: "If I wanted to hear the same thing over and over again, I'd put on a Morrissey record." The original broadcast date was in September 1993 and I wondered if Morrissey might have watched it at the time. I can't imagine this quip being made in a popular TV programme nowadays.

First IG movement from Gus in a while 🤔
Re: The Edges...


(Notable as Spike has seldom mentioned or acknowledged any work with Morrissey in the last few years).
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