Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Featured in the deluxe £120 "The Roaring Forty 1983-2023" (Limited Edition 14CD Super Deluxe Box Set), Mr. Bragg includes his 'tainted' Smiths covers.
Due October.
‘tainted’ but it doesn’t stop him trying to cash in - the misogynistic wanker
From a blog I frequent:
Morrissey appeared in a question to ChatGPT:

"Next up, a question that requires opinion and morality to answer, and has vexed many of us for some time.

Q. Is Morrissey racist?
A. There has been controversy surrounding Morrissey and accusations of racism. Some of his comments and behavior have been criticized by individuals and groups as being insensitive or offensive towards certain racial and ethnic groups.
For example, Morrissey has been known to make comments in interviews that some have interpreted as being anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim. He has also been criticized for wearing a badge with the logo of the far-right political party For Britain during a performance on a US talk show.
However, Morrissey has also denied accusations of racism and has spoken out in support of animal rights, veganism, and the LGBTQ+ community. He has also collaborated with artists from diverse backgrounds and included diverse musical influences in his work.
Overall, the issue of Morrissey and racism is complex and controversial, with differing opinions and interpretations. It is up to individuals to form their own opinions based on the available evidence and their personal values.
Which is more a collection of statements than an answer, and which is as admirably on the fence as even the most die-hard SPM fan."
The 25 best albums of 1988

Morrissey - Viva Hate: released 14th March 1988

Less than a year after the demise of The Smiths, Moz was back as a solo artiste with support from Mancunian guitarist Vini Reilly. While some of the album remains controversial, singles include Suedehead and Everyday Is Like Sunday.

The Smiths - Rank: released 5th September 1988

Released a year after the iconic Manchester band called it a day, this was a live recording of The Smiths in action at Kilburn National Ballroom in London on the Queen Is Dead tour in October 1986. The Champions actress Alexandra Bastedo is your cover star.

On Todayfm Radio's current affairs, late-afternoon programme, The Last Word, host Matt Cooper interviewed Anglo-Irish actor Gary Lydon for the culture chat slot.

Not very strangely or unexpectedly either, if satisfyingly perhaps, Lydon described his first gig: seeing The Smiths at the annual ball run by Trinity College Dublin in 1983, which was the band's first appearance in Ireland.

The relevant section is from 2 hours 11-14 minutes in, and the enjoyable little interview starts at 1 hour 53 -

Minor pre-Smiths interest for RSD.
Morrissey – ‘Viva Hate’

Some 35 years later, a 3.5* out of 5 review!?
Very Far Out.
Mike and Jules Peters opened a club called The Red and tonight is their first dancing night, Mike is DJing and he played This Charming Man and was singing along, it's on The Alarm Facebook page.
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