Strange/unexpected Moz references?

As my comment has been transported into the clogging thread: "is it already spring in the uk? we are still freezing our balls off where i live."

Seems that everything needs to be explained in detail nowadays.... :rolleyes:

-> No winter jackets worn.... doesn't look that cold ..... was this photo taken recently / today?
you've been around 70+ years. you should know what are the warm months and what are the cold months by now.
A very brief mention of Morrissey in this Spectator article about dear old Sam Smith:

The first two paragraphs are as follows:

Pop music – and specifically pop music stardom – has an incredible power to transform people into things they are not. The pop sphere enjoyed by my generation as teens transmogrified Morrissey into a sex symbol, Neil Tennant into an intellectual and Simon Le Bon into a surrealist poet.

More recently, pop’s alchemical potency has made Ed Sheeran someone people like to look at and Adele someone people want to hear from describing her emotional upsets at great length. But there are limits, and the singer Sam Smith has done us a favour by smashing into them.

We really have to stop talking about Sam Smith. He's a little fat and likes to wear sequins and lycra.
Harry Styles likes to do the same thing. One is fat. The other is fit. Both are dumb. Nothing more to talk about.

"At the end of our lives, we will remember a place above all," said Edward Morgan Forster at Howard House; digging inside the works, as well as inside the existence, of Morrissey, P-Orridge and Curtis, for them that place is, after all, Manches have. The great stories, those of love of any love you can talk about, are territories of everyone and of no one, a nullius land that knows no borders and jurisdictions: you can't determine the beginning, a precise date that is needed to celebrate a birthday sario né, when they finish, a last memory. Yet, in the collective memory, the history of the Smiths begins in that little room and maybe for this reason many still want to keep a personal image of it."

"In Manchester you do things differently", said Tony Wilson, in a motto that embodies the soul of the city. And it's no coincidence that he was the founder of Factory Records, the record label that produced many of the bands from the great North West of England. The city has gifted the world some of the most influential bands, from Durutti Column to Joy Division, Buzzcocks to Oasis. is with the Smiths, however, that the Mancunians, and not only, have established the deepest sentimental bond, even forty years after their birth, since that evening of October 4, 1982 when the band debuted at the Ritz on the notes of Handsome Devil. In a Manchester made of sheet metal and bricks, between worker strikes, hook-shaped installations and Engels statues, Giuseppina Borghese explores the city of dissent and through photographs of personal memory and biographies of uncommon spirits and mu if miserable it invites us to retrieve the places iconic of the Smiths."

from 26 January in bookstores
Giuseppina Borghese

Appears to be something that they've been casting for.
"30 minute short film".
Nothing too detailed about yet.

Morrissey live at the Hammersmith Odeon on the 4th Oct 1991.
Playing Last Of The Famous International Playboys.
This was filmed for Japanese TV.

Brendan now showing as in France (Marseille).
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