Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Here as photographer credits visible.
Jo Novark aka Pat Bellis.
Eric Watson.

Unfortunately, what appeared to be a long interview with Chiccarelli was chopped in to segments.
It may surface, but the full interview is currently privated.

Full interview currently premiering - will make a general post shortly.

Suffering mild collector envy.


No spam intended - a TV service using his image to advertise.


Google lens says:
"Morrissey house hunting in a better part of London - together with a friend.

The speculation in England is now about who the man is - and whether he is Morrisey's lover. Morrissey's sex life has been the most written about and myth-wrapped in the British music press in recent years because his lyrics are so mysterious in this area."
He looks like Bill Murray in Ghostbusters... but I kinda like it!
I’d say a perfect mix between Harold Ramis and Bill Murray.
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