Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Light Housework

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I'm reading an ebook called Mishap or Murder, and just came across this page where "To die by your side" is used.

"Despite the many rough patches, Danniella
and Tyler loved each other and were also each
other's best friend. They both liked tattoos, which
they designed themselves, and over time Dan-
niella acquired several, including a mandala-style
flower on her left shoulder, a gray outline of an
elephant on her right wrist, an outline of a heart,
a Buddha, and an American flag with a unicorn
where the stars should be on her inner right
thigh. On her left collarbone were two graveyard
headstones sitting side-by-side, nestled compan-
ionably together. Inside the tombstones were the
words: "To die by your side."."

Famous when dead


Ouch 😮
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