Strange/unexpected Moz references?


Spotted this in the window of Castle Galleries, Oxford. The wife was going to buy it for me for my anniversary until she realised it was £6,500


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Mayans TV show

Ouch the 5th episode start with a violent scene with Somes Girls are bigger than others with Moz and The smiths ref.
Surprising 😳
According to someone on the Cruel World Facebook page, there are more than a dozen Morrissey record players at the Goodwill Thrift Shop in Tarzana, CA selling for $39.99. They look like this one:

Via Brendan Buckley's FB.
Assuming it's from Cruel World not previous nights.


"Saddle Up!"
'Splendid Pygmy, Pick Me'

Just saw a Morrissey fan account on Instagram share a link to this song -

Apparently it's a fake (confirmed by the original poster), but I found myself truly enjoying the tune as it sounds very Kill Uncle-esque and the lyrics are quite funny as well.

Thought I'd share, just for a laugh really :)
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