Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Does anybody know how old this pic is? Yesterday it popped up at FB & IG


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Just finished reading Teds, Rebels, Hepcats & Psychos: The Story of British Rockabilly 1966-1998, a thorough history of the British rockabilly revival consisting of interviews and stories from those who were there at the time. Morrissey's Kill Uncle tour is very briefly mentioned near the end of the story, while neo-rockabilly hero Boz Boorer and his wife Lyn are mentioned frequently, with Lyn participating in interviews. Johnny Marr also receives a brief mention in an anecdote about how he worked in a clothes store that was frequented by rockabillies in the heyday of the revival before The Smiths.

Doubtful that it's Morrissey-related, but curious nonetheless.
Cruel World = May 14 & 15.
So different drummer likely as Buckley appears otherwise engaged:


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