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Good interview with Belinda Carlisle in advance of The Go-Go's being inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. Including this section:

Craziness never goes out of style. When you think of those artists, who got to be craziest as they evolved in their career, and really just had that don't care about anything attitude, who are the ones you admire most?

Carlisle: Iggy is still like that. I think John Lydon is still like that. I love that. I love people that don't care, I really do. I wish I could be like that. I'm that way to a point, but I still do care. So when I see that it's like, "Oh, this is so cool." So those are the two people that come up off the top of my head. I think Morrissey is one of those people, not that I agree with everything he says, but I admire people who don't give a f**k, I really do. I was born a contrarian, so I really respond to that.


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A long article in the LA Times about Dia de Muertos and creating an altar for a loved one, including this snippet:

Memorial items. Place photos of the person or people you want to remember and be visited by. You should also have a few of their favorite things waiting for them. Did the deceased love the Dodgers? Morrissey? Lotto Scratchers? Have some mementos waiting. Toys are traditionally placed on ofrendas for children.

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Nile's normally a wanker with his posts but I thought this one was quite funny.
Yeah, he’s making fun of The Smiths and Smiths fans being ‘miserable’, right? I thought it was funny as well. I think we can take it.


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I wonder what Nile would be doing now if his father never hit the big time.
My guess would be that the little gobshite would be a drug dealer and then heading for HMP Manchester
AKA Strangeways.
I personally don’t see the funny side of his posts about the smiths .
It’s disrespectful,
And talk about biting the hand that feeds you ....


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