Strange/unexpected Moz references?


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Same here. Not a fan of his looks around The Queen Is Dead promo and tour in general. Quiff is a bit too short on the top but too long at the sides and those oversized jackets were just boring.
One could almost say that Craig's hair steals the show here...

I prefer this slightly more eccentric, tits out approach he served a couple of weeks later.
The hair is in desperate need of taming though.

The forces of fabric will not contain him.


Ket, I was thinking the exact same thing when posting this earlier but couldn't think of a fitting quip to go along with it.

Was Morrissey chosing Mike as his new dressing pal the real reason why Johnny started to feel left out and decided to leave The Smiths? 😱
Was Mike the type of person who would curry favor with Moz to get a larger share of the Smiths loot?


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Not unexpected but just watching, They Came From Manchester on BBC2 which featured a small segment on The Smiths


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í think the next time Mike Joyce wore a suit jacket was in High Court No.1. It may even be the same one.

Rented for the occasion? :LOL:
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