Strange/unexpected Moz references?

they had a segment on the best football team dynasty from the 80's here on Fox and they played How soon is now as the background music
On RealMadrid TV (no, I don't watch it often:rolleyes:) they played a Morrissey song along with a montage of David Beckham clips, can't remember the song.
Once heard Boy Racer on some car-related show :D headline

In Artist Duan Jianghua's China, Every Day Is Like Sunday


Duan Jianghua’s City No. 1 (2007).Courtesy of the artist and ChinaSquare, New York.

It’s always raining in post-revolution China — well, it is if you go by Chinese painter Duan Jianghua’s semi-postapocalyptic landscapes. The above City No. 1 and other beautifully dreary works are up at Chelsea’s ChinaSquare gallery through February 9. —Rachel Wolff
A friend pointed this out to me having recognised the cover of hatfull from one of my t-shirts. There is a japanese manga called Beck, and the american anime production 'BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad' has a sketch of the cover of hatfull of hollow wedged in with a random montage of images that run alongside the credits and it looks like about 1/4 of morrisseys head also gets a look in.

Much to my surprise, I ran across one today in an art textbook ("Living With Art," 6th ed.), in amongst the Leonardos, Van Goghs, Japanese woodcuts, and Greek statues:


Yes, it's really about the artist/designer who created the image, but....Where is the most unexpected place you've seen or heard a Morrissey reference?

crazy, I just got to that chapter in the book for my class the other day...maybe if I did my work on time I'd of beat you to it.

ART 102 w00t!
I think there's a chapter in Trainspotting called 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'
But I've lent it to my friend (who isn't even reading it!) so I can't clarify that.
I'm 99.9% sure though.
Re: Morrissey references where you least expect it....

At about 2.30am on Friday night/Saturday morning, Panic came on the stereo in the hotel bar at the Ramada in Maidstone East. That was unexpected.
I think there's a chapter in Trainspotting called 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'
But I've lent it to my friend (who isn't even reading it!) so I can't clarify that.
I'm 99.9% sure though.

I'm 100% sure. That is indeed the title of the chapter. It's a reference that Spud makes when he's at a party and there's a girl he fancies but he's too shy to approach her. He quotes some of the lyrics and explains how they relate to his situation. My scanner's knackered though so I shall type it out for you. (Not the entire chapter, not on your nelly lol! Just the relevant paragraphs.) :)

Here goes:

"Spud's muddled brain turns to sex. Eveyone seemed to bag off at the party, everyone except him. He really fancies a ride. His problem is that he is too shy when straight or sober, and too incoherent when stoned or drunk, to make an impression on women. He currently has a thing about Nicola Hanlon, whom he thinks looks a bit like Kylie Minogue.

A few months ago, Nicola had been talking to him as they walked from a party at Sighthill to one at Wester Hailes. They had been having a good crack, becoming detached from the rest of the group. She had been very responsive, and Spud had chatted freely, high on speed. In fact, she seemed to be hanging on his every word. Spud wanted to never get to that party, wishing that they could just go on walking and talking. They went down into the underpass and Spud thought that he should try to put his arm around Nicola. Then a passage from a Smiths' song, one he'd always liked called: 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', came into his head:

and in the darkened underpass
I thought Oh God my chance has come at last
but then a strange fear gripped me
and I just couldn't ask

Morrissey's sad voice summed up his feelings. He didn't put his arm around Nicola, and his attempts to chat her up were half-arsed after that. Instead, he jacked up in a bedroom with Rents and Matty, enjoying blissful freedom from the anxiety of wondering whether or not he'd get off with her."

Poor old Spud, eh?
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