Strange/unexpected Moz references?

Just been playing Trivia 360, and faced with the true or false question 'Morrissey was the lead singer of The Smiths'

Yes, I'll post any Moz/Smiths reference, however trivial!

“ Be a Unicorn & live life on the bright side”
This week I have been hiking through the province of Laguna in the Philippines. Its the afternoon as I'm wearily resting at a little Spanish influenced B&B on the banks of a river in Pagsujan and what song do I hear drifting across the courtyard? First Of The Gang To Die.

Morrissey really does pop up in the strangest of places.
Just been on a virtual walk through Amsterdam, and passed through an outdoor market. One of the stalls was selling vinyl and, of course, 'Meat Is Murder' took pride of place.
Saw the brilliant comedian Patton Oswalt last night.

He made several references to Morrissey during his (very funny) set and played "Girlfriend in a Coma" at the close.

Morrissey the archetype persists.

Guildhall, Portsmouth, '95 gig video just surfaced on YT.
Claims to be a first gen copy - I haven't got time to compare it to the STorrents version.

Billy Budd
Have-A-Go Merchant
Spring-Heeled Jim
You're The One For Me Fatty
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Whatever Happens, I Love You
We'll Let You Know
Jack The Ripper
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
National Front Disco
Moon River
Hold On To Your Friends
Now My Heart Is Full
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Enjoy nonetheless.

Seems to be a random advert from Stephen.
Not seen all the variations of these shots before.
His 6x9 prints are reasonably priced (unlike some cough.. Cummins..cough...).
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