Strange/unexpected Moz references?


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That's awesome!

(This is one of my favorite movies if you haven't already seen it:


On the other one you posted about singing Bigmouth to On the Street You Live, it's seems impossible to do on the spot. Did he do it?

Judge for yourself. At 8:40 or therebouts here...



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Judge for yourself. At 8:40 or therebouts here...


I have to work I will later. Did you ever listen to My Word? For years it played on our public radio here, loved those shows. It's my only exposure to English game shows. Learned a lot listening to those, always pronounced the author of The Third Man Gwam Gween because of that guy's speech impediment. :D
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Once I was in a very small country town and there was a hand painted wood sign that had "Mozart" on it, but the way it was painted it looked like a huge space so it looked like "Moz art" made me giggle being the big Smith fan I am. I tried to explain to my friends why I was laughing but they didn't find the humor in it like I did.

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From the bumper December 2013 issue of GQ (English). The Morrissey Worst Winner Award. Morrissey was Solo Artist Of The Year in 2005, but after failing to catch GQ's scheduled private jet from Rome he didn't turn up on the night. Word was he fell in love there. You could have bought them along Mozza!"


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Morrissey mentioned in The Guardian's "Slapdowns of 2013" feature, on the "best slams, jibes, character assassinations and comebacks" of the year:

'"The doorbell rings and there stands Vanessa Redgrave. 'Marcie,' she begins, and then goes on about social injustice in Namibia, and how we must all build a raft by late afternoon – preferably out of coconut matting.
Morrissey scoffs at Vanessa Redgrave's celebrity humanitarianism in his autobiography.'
Kill Uncle era Morrissey featured in the intro collage of Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013. Can be seen at ~0:19 (popping out of a tardis :D) & 0:33 mark in this video:
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3. Morrissey

Appropriately, Morrissey's voice sounds like he is constantly yawning -- which is perfect because listening to his songs is about as stimulating as browsing a Christian singles website. But one thing you can't yawn over is the dude's unrelenting desire for bullshit attention at any opportunity, exhibiting his revolutionary views regarding vegetarianism and decrying the Queen and the Olympics. So edgy.

But while many of us can relate to whimsically antagonizing anyone and everyone (ahem), there are certain things you shouldn't say. Comparing a massacre in Norway that killed almost 100 people to the practices of McDonalds and KFC is one of them. Referring to the Chinese as a "subspecies" for their lack of regulations for animal welfare is another. The comment was so offensive that an organization he had donated to in the past, Love Music Hate Racism, stated they would no longer take any funds from the dreary crooner.

So while we can't say that Morrissey is definitively a bigot, we can say his good taste is probably limited to that handsome haircut.


Mike Joyce is sitting for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music tonight.

Regular slot Parallele Universe, Mike was talking about stage invasions of Smiths gigs to Bob Hughes.

You can listen again from iPlayer around 02:34:00.


After Prince's Sign O Times, they are talking about Strangeways, Here We Come.
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The Smiths mentiioned in BBC Radio 4 'The Archers'

In today's episode of 'The Archers' (a tale of everyday country folk) on BBC radio 4, The Smiths were mentioned. Kenton was talking to his wife about her clothing collection and encouraging her to throw out some of her old stage clothes. She replied that when her band the 'Midnight Walkers' play she'll need them - could be at any minute. Kenton said that was never going to happen and that "the Midnight Walkers have been on a longer break than The Smiths". :(

This post should go in the 'Unusual References thread' but I can't find it. :confused:
not particularly strange or unexpected, since he's known to be a big fan, but thomas lennon is the guest on the new episode of speakeasy with paul f tompkins and he discusses meeting morrissey.

story starts about 7:55.

also, at the very end of episode 269 of comedy bang bang you can hear matt besser, as smaug from the hobbit film, singing a bit of please please please.

this isn't the first moz reference on this podcast. seems like quite a few american "alternative" comedians are into him.
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