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This isn't a reference to Morrissey, but I found this amusing and didn't know where else to post it.

In the "Batman" TV show episode, "Come Back, Shame" (November, 1966), the gang's hideout in an "old West" location (a TV backlot) has a mechanical Native American chief sharpening an axe blade sitting outside a saloon. A sign hanging around the thing's neck reads "Chief Crashing Bore". :)

The episode has some pretty funny digs at the movie "Shane", and stars Cliff Robertson of all people.

EDIT: Google informs me of the line in "Black Widow Strikes Again" (...hmmm...) from March 1967: "Black Widow: Dear heart, you may be caped, and you may be dynamic, but to me you are a crashing bore!"

Was Morrissey a fan of "Batman"?

I am not the genius responsible for this. I just came across it, as it were ~



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In Thursday's 'Guardian' G2 supplement in the cover story 'Down with the people - How the royal family reinvented itself' by Stuart Jeffries lies the following paragraph: "Could the rehabilitation of the royals really be a concerted campaign? If so, then the safe money says Morrissey is part of it. Earlier this month, members of his band appeared on stage wearing "We hate William and Kate" T-shirts. There's little more likely to perk up anything than Morrissey's opprobrium."

I've read this last line seven times over now and it still does not make the slightest bit of sense. Spectacularly badly written.

In the preceding paragraph Jeffries mentions that the German homosexual adulterer Prince Charles visited the home of William Wordsworth last week. He was told that the local deer were eating the famed daffodils. His advice? Shoot them.

...first against the wall...


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And never a truer word spoken. (You've certainly got your finger on the pulse, though - that record's only about five years old.)

It is? Found it in my email inbox yesterday and never heard of it before. I also liked "Thou shalt not read the NME" so I just had to post it here.


It is? Found it in my email inbox yesterday and never heard of it before. I also liked "Thou shalt not read the NME" so I just had to post it here.

Yip, it came out in 2007. Classic. The album it appeared on was a bit of a let-down, but there are some other great tracks on there.


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I know Morrissey-related tweets are a dime a dozen these days, but I thought this one was particularly funny:

"Girlfriend with a sprained ankle, I know I know, it's nothing serious." - Lessissey

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I didn't do anything daft like read the website :) and (to be honest) I'm only vaguely aware of who Chloe Sevigny is - just thought the picture was interesting.



it is indeed.
she is an actress. mostly "indie" film productions.
also starred in sonic youth videos around 92.
also/model and fashion icon to hipster mags and some people..
i like her and she comes across as a genuine morrissey fan,not someone who claims it cause its the hip thing to
say like some people did over social networks or elsewhere.
she also sees him live outside her home base of new york repeately, taking the moz trek..
a user on here,sth with vegan in his username, posted her sighting in york/UK this year on his blog.
.she got some good roles. i recall boys dont cry.t he film which make her known was kids(94)by larry clark.
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