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BBC reviewer isn't blown away by Viva Hate reissue -

All praise indie pioneers! (Guardian) -

Nice blog report by fan of Morrissey concert experience in Rosario, Argentina -

Another fan's vain attempts to flee the old pull by gloating over 'a playlist of Morrissey's underrated singles, could-have-been-single b-sides, excellent fillers and interesting rare tracks' -

Eloquent reflections on the meaning of The Last of the International Playboys -

Hawaii expresses Pavlovian response to news of Morrissey's visit! -

Korea, Asia on Moz alert! -

Same with the Philipines -

A sweet song specially composed for Morrissey! -
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Re: graffiti


Now that is pretty f***ing cool. El Marian has talent.


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Re: David Icke Forums looking for reasons to like Morrissey!

A lot of people in my friendship circle are avid followers of David Icke (and other such conspiracy theorists), and they all seem to respect Morrissey for going against the grain of the "evils" of the music industry, whether they're fans of his music or not. Now that I think about it, I fell into my Morrissey spell during the exact same period I was obsessed with conspiracy theories.

Since it's raining and Sunday, I thought I'd suggest that David Icke start with Everyday is Like Sunday. For some reason this inquiry of his is driving me bonkers, I don't want Morrissey to read his books and be swayed by his opinions which might be intriguing but are missing something. To each their own in explaining the unexplainable, but you can't witness people turning into lizards, the spirit and all of it's mystery is often metaphor, not freaky supernatural sci-fi shit, (though sci-fi movies are excellent teaching tools.) At any rate, watch this:

Lucette is reading "the greys." Or "The Grace" of God if you want to get technical. She'd reading them in the people she knows and encounters on the street, the strange dust on their face communicates loads to her, facial expressions, glances, smiles. Then she scopes Morrissey and he;s wearing a shirt with her on it, because he is her. Kind of. They've been looking for each other through the greys. That's a whole nuther thread, though. But there's are no aliens or lizard people, it's us. David Icke might get that.
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Re: David Icke Forums looking for reasons to like Morrissey!

Not really strange or unexpected, but Moz was spotted in the Stamford Arms pub in Bowden today, having a pint with three other blokes. He's seemingly back home for a bit.

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Re: David Icke Forums looking for reasons to like Morrissey!

He's seemingly back home for a bit.

...a bit of what though; that's the question.


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Re: David Icke Forums looking for reasons to like Morrissey!

For some reason this inquiry of his is driving me bonkers, I don't want Morrissey to read his books and be swayed by his opinions...

If Morrissey read Icke's books and became swayed by his opinions, that would be absolutely awesome! Think of the crazy lyrics! It'd be the best thing ever!


Re: Brief Jesse interview in 1995 "Fender Frontline" Magazine

My Brother-in-law, an avid guitar player and collector, has a huge collection of these "Fender Frontline" mags, going back to the 1980's. The Spring 1995 issue features an interview with Alanis Morissette's guitar players, and Jesse is featured in this interview. I learned a few things about him that I didn't know before, like his p/t work in a vet clinic in between the RHCP and Alanis gigs. :)
I don't have a scanner, but I typed it up since it was so short.

Jesse Tobias:

Luck has certainly smiled upon Austin, Texas, native Jesse Tobias: just

23,Tobias is playing in his third major label band, travelling the world

with Alanis Morissette. Of course a little hard work along the way bolstered

his good fortune. Tobias picked up his first axe at the age of seven. "I

just always wanted to play guitar," he says. Jesse considers himself mostly

self-taught and counts War and Santana among his earliest influences.

"My tastes always change. I liked Hendrix, I liked [Nirvana guitarist Kurt]

Cobain's playing a lot." After a few years spent knocking around clubs

deep in the heart of Texas, Tobias' first band Mother Tongue decided to

relocate to Los Angeles. But a funny thing happened on the road to stardom:

while recording Mother Tongue's debut, Jesse was asked to join the Red Hot

Chili Peppers.
While it was difficult to leave his hometown buddies behind, the

gig was a dream come true. (The Chili Pepper's last album, Blood Sugar Sex

had sold several million copies.) Jesse left the band after just

three months, but he heard about the Alanis Morissette demo, got a copy

and set up an audition. (He was working part-time vaccinating dogs in a Malibu veterinary clinic

when he tried out for Morissette.)

It's been smooth sailing since then, and Tobias

couldn't be happier. "We've come a long way," he says. "Touring really

brings out a band like us. It kind of puts everybody on the spot, but

we've developed in a really cool way." On the road, Jesse plays a '63 Fender

and a '65 Fender Mustang, mostly holding down the rhythm parts.

He credits the band's cohesive playing to the months of steady touring

they've done since last summer.

Thanks Giselle, that's interesting.

DailyWaffle Blogger can't get enough of The Smiths -

Band The Wave Pictures also doff their hats in an interview with fakeDIY -
...Reading reviews of your albums, I’ve seen the same comparison to The Smiths time and time again. Obviously they’re an iconic British band, but does the comparison ever get tiresome given that you listen to so much more than just them?

I have to say; it’s a difficult one for me and The Smiths. I think it is a lazy journalistic comparison. If you’re bookish, wordy and English you do get compared instantly to The Smiths, and actually, the way we play, and the way we sound; we don’t sound at all like them at all. However, I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t like The Smiths, because I do [laughs], I mean Morrissey wrote some of the best songs I’ve ever heard, such beautiful songwriting, and I’m sure it was an influence on some level. If you’re interested in lyrics, you’re interested in Morrissey to a degree. They are such big figures, I mean we played in Derby two nights ago, and there was a huge poster of Morrissey in the venue. It can’t be denied, the power of those records. I do find it tiresome though. I would rather not be compared, just because I think it’s a very boring, untrue comparison. ..
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