Strange/unexpected Moz references?


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Ok, this is not a Morrissey reference, but...

I think one of my favorite romance authors is referencing The Cure. (Here name is Julia Quinn, although I doubt there is much romance readers here.) She started a new book series last year, and the first book was called "Just like heaven." The next book which comes out this year is called "A night like this." Yay, one of my favorite authors likes good music. :)


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Listening to Radio 5 Live during the Fabio Capello furore around 11pm the Tony Livesey show had a panel to talk about that week's sports news. The panel consisted of two sports jounralists and MIKE JOYCE (!?!)


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Re: Mike Joyce on 5 Live last night

I was watching the Homecoming episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' on dvd.
Here was a cute little scene-
Emily: To Homecoming? I didn’t think that was your scene.
Toby: I have a scene? I didn’t think listening to The Smiths alone in my room was a scene.
Emily: You know what I mean.

It's totally a scene.


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MacLife is a Pigsty

This is from the latest issue of MacLife. The article was what would you buy if u had a $50 gift card. Why you would just buy the Mozipedia is beyond me..

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Where's UncleSkinny - he's usually first with Guardian related Moz stuff...

In the magazine with Saturday's paper there is an article about classic rock photography, with a short story about each image from the photographer. This image is used in the contents list... but there's no story in the article to go with it :(

The article is about a book called 'Who Shot Rock & Roll?" Presumably the image is in there, and the story to go with it

The Guardian article (without Moz image) is here

OMG I didnt know Morrissey can roll his eyes into the back of his head!!!


My secret's my enzyme.
OMG I didnt know Morrissey can roll his eyes into the back of his head!!!

I think his eyes are just closed. What's with you and his eyes lately? :p
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