Strange places where you got to hear a Smiths/Morrissey song...


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Strangest, weirdest, most bizarre place I've heard a Morrrissey song? How about "Girlfriend In A Coma" at 3:17 PM on September 18, 1987, on MTV. That's right. "Girlfriend In A Coma" on daytime MTV, smack in the middle of the coveted after-school slot, back in the days when they played videos. Downtown Julie Brown introduced the clip saying "Sadly, they've just broken up!" Try living with the trauma of Julie Brown informing you The Smiths have split up-- it hasn't been easy, believe you me.

I'm still not over it, but the bourbon helps.


*Julie Brown is a vegetarian, I found out, so she was probably a fan and hence worked the miracle of sneaking The Smiths into daytime rotation-- once.
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In December 1992 one night I was staying at my friend's in my home town.
I switched on a US Army radio station FEN around five in the morning, for the first time the DJ played The Queen Is Dead.

One of my best friends once told me in 1988 she heard Panic from FEN.
Although I played FEN all the time between 1984-1988 when I was at home (even I was sleeping) I never heard Smiths/Morrissey song.


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Yesterday in topman in Sheffield, ouija ouija ouija board was pumping out of thier sound system! twas bizzare!


Yesterday in topman in Sheffield, ouija ouija ouija board was pumping out of thier sound system! twas bizzare!

It isn't bizzare, just happened for the first time you're there.

Top Shop Oxford Street often plays Smiths/Morrissey songs and the nearest branch where I live also does.


i saw that mtv post and I remembered one incident:
right,actually mtv is nowadays a strange place ,especially daytime mtv, to see smiths /morrissey songs.
I saw one smiths video at daytime last year (summer/autumm?) and (the repeat of the show a couple of months ago at 4.00 p.m.).
on a show called 25 years on mtv where they do play the hits of the year from 1981 on.
well the smiths didnt chart here but the host of the show is known for his love of bands like the smiths and depeche mode so he smuggled in as the last song"there is light that never goes out".
i couldnt believe it and jumped up and down, singing along.they used the stop me video (with the morrissey lookalikes on bikes)a and not the jarman video(maybe it isnt commercial enough i dont know?) so thanks mr kavka, for playing that song...hopefully they repeat that video so I can finallay record that. THAT video fits the song perfectly. I imagined myself some kids watching that video thatfollowed Europe`s "Final countdown" and their reaction "what is that?"

and last year at 1 p.m.,I was laying in bed with a flu, bored to death, watching TV...they played "the youngest was the most loved"..
actually the occasion was quite strange: they had the so called "gay day" where they had gay shows showing and so on and they decided to throw in that video ,followed by one the trashiest songs ever: sin with sebastian with "sleep with me,shut up" who the hell choose these songs to be played in a row...I dont know...
that that sebastian song ever see the light of day again..well...I pissed myself laughing actually...:)
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1) Round a girl's flat for a party mashed on various things. Every Smiths LP on her I-pod. We danced, noone else did.

2) Working at Pontin's Sand Bay 10 years ago. Suedehead was playing from a worker's chalet. Another worker (a chef no less) walked past and asked is that on the radio? I hope you're not going to diss the Mozzer. At which point he went "no way. You're a fan as well?"
ME: Um yes.
Him: I've got Maladjusted.
ME: The new LP? I didn't know it was out. I bought Alma Maters t'other week
Him: Yeh it came out this week the album.
ME: Can I come and listen to it with you?

And from that day on a beautiful friendship was created. Until he left for pastures new a couple of weeks later. i gave him my Your Arsenal t-shirt. Rich I think his name was/is...if you're out there I want it back!

After playing football roughly 3 years ago we retired to the Student Union Bar at Talybont Halls Of Residence in Cardiff Uni for a couple of post-match bevvies. This was in July/ August so the halls are let out to foreign exchange students/ world conferences etc etc. (not or have never been a student myself) Well there were a gaggle of Japanese people having a party with a DJ (roughly 40 to 50 persons. PS No offence meant by the collective noun gaggle btw!) and lo and behold what came on but The Smiths "Shoplifters" So I sung along much to the bemusement of most of my teammates. But it wasn't one Smiths song, about 10 in a row got played including relative obscurities such as Reel Around The Fountain, Cemetry gates. And then the next 5 tracks were early Morrissey solo songs!!! Sadly too tired from football to dance I sung with some gusto and there were only about 3 of my teammates left by the time something other than Mozzer's (and my) dulcet tones had finished!!! (But they were mostly driving) There were some hot looking girls there too who appreciated my efforts I must say! Or so I thought after my fifth pint...


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In a Carrefour supermarket in Brussels, Belgium, in February. They played "You have killed me" :eek:
Just as I was getting into The Smiths, around 4 years ago, I heard 'You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" played in Riley's Snooker hall. I was trying to figure out what it was for ages, then I bought Louder than Bombs and was hella-happy.

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Just as I was getting into The Smiths, around 4 years ago, I heard 'You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" played in Riley's Snooker hall. I was trying to figure out what it was for ages, then I bought Louder than Bombs and was hella-happy.

i heard shiela take a bow in rileys, made me lose


Penn Station NY, NY. I was on my way home to LI from the Yankee game (Everyone hits HR's again EXCEPT A-Rod - HIT THE DAMN 500th and move on!!) ... anyway...

Some drunk at Penn was hopping and skipping with this some drunk girl singing Sheila Take a Bow... I was mildly amused as I ate my obligatory chicken sandwich while waiting for my train...


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"Interesting Drug" was once used on an episode of General Hospital (US daytime soap opera). I found out in advance, had to have been from 120 Minutes on MTV, and taped the show for about two weeks until it came on. It was a ten-second snippet in a scene in a bar or cafe. Was probably 1989 or 1990.

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My sister-in-law and i got off the elevator at Macys and William It Was Really Nothing was blasting from the stock room.
i was in this chinese takeaway in town at 2am and this charming man came on i almost dropped my chips me and me mates started dancing to it we was pilled out of our faces good night


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I've never heard The Smiths/Morrissey anywhere, let alone in a strange place!

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In the toilets at the very swanky hotel where my graduation ball was being held they were playing 'There is a light' which I was singing and dancing along too (I'd had a few too many). When I came out of the toilets the DJ started to play 'This Charming Man' as requested by my friends as a dedication to me. It was extremely embarrassing because it cleared the dance floor within about 10 seconds (I am apparantly the only Smiths/Morrissey fan in the place) and I have to dance to the whole song on my own while my mates stand on the edge of the dancefloor and laugh at me. They really don't know what they're missing.
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