Strange places where you got to hear a Smiths/Morrissey song...


Well thats not really my story but a story of how moz heard one of his songs in a strange place
Moz:” That was in L.A. I visited a mud wrestling club with some friends. The moment we walked in, there were 4 women crawling through the mud and November spawned a monster was playing"
Interviewer: good choice!
Moz:" yeah that was I was thinking ,too. But nonetheless we fled immediately. Afterwards I was thinking who the hell make that choice to play this particular song at that event. But there were always situations where I had this thought . quite a few people told me (wrote to me) that they want to play a smiths/Morrissey song at their funeral/wedding"

(an excerpt from an interview dated may 2004-WOM mag-f a free german music mag-a quite interesting interview cause the interviewer didnt ask the usual questions when a new record is out:moz also spoke about his experiences on stage and mentioned the bling girl incident in brasil and others. so if anybody is interested i can translate parts of fit -its a good read.)

could be grammatically incorrect cause I translated it from german to English-sorry:)

Well I rarely got to hear moz outside the usual places (clubs, my bedroom and concerts -of course)but maybe you have some experiences …do you?
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On a bus on my way to Queretaro in mexico. the driver had a mix cd with metallica, blink 182, and Suedehead, it was just odd to hear it all together


Did i sing in tune?
Yesterday i was in the subway (here in chile) and in every tv was the suedehead video! I started to watch it and a lot of people also and, i can say for sure, the 90% of them didn't know who that skinny guy was!


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If you did, I didn't read it. My name's not SNS22 I don't read every single post here ;)
Hey I Read THAT....

I look over my shoulder and my daughter's gotten to level 3 in her Dora Game


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as often as you're online she'll beat it within the day and move on to resident evil 4!!


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as often as you're online she'll beat it within the day and move on to resident evil 4!!
Or better yet, Grand Theft Auto. I still can't believe watching my 13-year old second cousin playing it for the larger part of our extended family, including his 70-something grandparents. I don't think he knew how to pick up hookers, though--or at least he wisely chose not to demonstrate his knowlege that day.
For most artists this wouldn't be a strange place but as Morrissey generally doesn't get played in public too often...

There must be a Morrissey fan who does the music for the shopping centre where my shop is situated because every single cd that is played in there has at least one Smiths/Morrissey song on it. So yes, in the mall - as I believe Americans call it - around every hour.


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i was in the gap and they were playing first of the gang to die.

i guess thats the strangest place.
Why can't they play Moz\Smiths when I go to the Gap??
I I won't look like a fool jumping up and down singing along.


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That's awesome.

Just last week my wife swore that she heard "Pregnant for the Last Time" at a women's clinic that provided, among the usual womanly services, abortions. Good grief!

Hey I Read THAT....

I think the strangest place (actually, does it count if it was on my walkman? No? OK) then it would be in a nightclub in Hong Kong in 1988 and we all sang allong ....."Hang the DJ hang the DJ hang the DJ....." and pointed at the DJ's booth! We thought that was well cool! Kids! :rolleyes:
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