Stop Me on helium by Andy Rourke


lookin ROUGH


That is hysterical actually. Thanks for that.
I'm embarrassed for him! Imagine getting chucked out of a cheap Travel Lodge, he was about to say "I'm the former bassist for The Smiths, haven't you heard of them you uniformed whore"?


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speaking of rourke, anyone know how his freebass project is coming? i don't think its the BEST idea but i'd still like to give it a listen... last i heard they were looking for vocalists. ( about mozza?)

Ben Budd

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Apropos of Andy Rourke, he came into the bar I work in here in Manchester the other night. I took a wee next to him and everything.


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I took a wee next to him and everything.
Always wondered if any blokes have took a wee next to Moz..if so did you look? :p What? It's a valid question.
Plus...what the hell would you say?
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