Stop me if you think you haven't heard this one before. The Bowie snub in Manc

He'd better name-check Gene Wilder at Riot Fest, or shit is really going to hit the fan. :rage:
From a japanese interview in December 1995:

The interviewer wanted to know about Morrissey's cancellation of his joint tour dates with David Bowie. Morrissey said that the British press had exaggerated the situation, and that he had simply been very fatigued and tired. The interviewer wondered about the cause of his fatigue, and he replied that this year had been very busy for him, and that he was overworked. It had been business, business, business - and then, suddenly, he didn't feel well. The interviewer asked what his business is. They both laughed, and Morrissey quipped that he manages a pet shop. After assuring her that he was kidding, he told her that he is involved in businesses which are very important for him, and he calls them life. Life is his business. The interviewer asked what he does when he is very depressed and things don't go well. He said he just sits and waits until the trouble goes away. Sometimes they take a few days or a week to go away. Sometimes two weeks.

From a Times interview in 1999:

I have never spoken about this up until now because, in spite of everything, I do respect David. I simply have to play Star Man or Drive-in Saturday and I will forgive him for anything. But I left that tour because he put me under a lot of pressure, and I found it too exhausting [...]
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