Still wearing those "Love Moz Hate Racism" t-shirts?


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Certain people abused your dear Theo in this old thread:

"Love Moz Hate Racism Shirts" thread from 2007

Someone, because I didn't wanna support this shirt, even told me this:

you still amaze me, you only like Morrissey for the music (so you once claimed), so why do you come here, surely everything Morrissey stands for is alien to you. Everytime anyone decent tries to do anything decent you are first in the queue trying to put them down usually with your boring cut & slapstick pastes!


That person also showed up in this thread, saying he was going to the Love Music Hate Racism Carnival.
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Look at this old thread from dear Theo in 2007:

LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM not so supportive of Morrissey , a thread by Theo

In which that guy, Grim, posted about me:
"P.s. Dave why do you engage with thicko he only comes he to spread his nut job theories."
A theory that turned out to be true!

From the front page of Morrissey-Solo today:

Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by Walter Ego in the forums (original post):

A clarion call for the movement -


MORRISSEY HAS also had a relationship with LMHR in the past. Back in 2008, he gave several thousand pounds to the group to help out with one of your carnivals. With his recent comments, though--calling the Chinese a "subspecies"--do you think there will be any kind of relationship in the future?

NO, I think it's gone now...

...I don't believe it's a mistake. I think it's conscious, and I think he's gone too far. In our organization, some of the bands have already met and talked about it, and we don't want to be associated with him. We feel it's not helpful to anybody.

Of course, he could come out and make a clear denunciation, saying he didn't say it--he hasn't done that so far. And he hasn't contacted us to say he wants to distance himself from his statements. I think really he has to grow up at minimum.
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Here's an old thread from 2007 where a bunch of the lefties of SoLow fell all over themselves to sign a petition in support of Love music Hate Racism:

We the undersigned Love Morrissey and hate racism.

At the same time, they were abusing me in other threads, because I was pointing out some problems with this group. For example, I pointed out how this group was posting material on their web site defending the Islamic fundamentalist violence directed at Danish cartoonists who created drawings of Muhammed (see, for example, here). Of course, I was an "Islamophobe" for mentioning such things. Morrissey gave thousands of dollars to Love Music Hate Racism, and anyone who disagreed was the racist.

UncleSkinny seemed particularly giddy about jumping on the Love Music Hate Racism bandwagon, after Morrissey was bullied into giving them thousands of dollars in the wake of his statements about immigration in the NME:

Here, I mucked around with the image so it would be OK on a T-Shirt - go ahead Hugh & Grim and everyone else.

Is uncleSkinny gonna wear that shirt at the next Morrissey gig?
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I think that's the politician who is the focus of the latest Democrat partisan witch hunt, right? (In that case, a literal witch hunt!)

I'm sorry, I'm not really paying attention to her state's politics. It's hard enough following the massive FBI probe and long line of felony indictments hitting virtually every Democrat running Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Yes, that would be the Cuyahoga County Democrtic Party, which (it is now being proven by the FBI) is indistinguishable from a criminal, mafia-like organization. And people wonder why I can't stomach Democrats. I've watched them destroy my city of Cleveland over the course of my life. Well, now I'm watching many of the scumbuckets heading off to prison is disgrace, at last. AT VERY LONG LAST. But what these Democrats have done to Cleveland, prison sentences aren't good enough to punish them.

Sadly, it appears the single-party rule of Obama/Pelosi/Reid would like to do to America what the local Democrats have done to Cleveland over the past several decades.

But, I have a feeling they'll be put in check this November by the American people. We don't have any checks and balances in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, but thank the Lord we still have democracy in the country as a whole. Checks and balances -- yup, only the biggest partisan would be opposing that at this point.

Which is why you're on your witch hunts. Loyal Democrat that you are, you are always following the latest party marching orders, aren't ya? :thumb:
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No journalist can be trusted. The same applies to these blinkered, controlling PC brigade.
You can't censor books, regardless of their content. If anyone tried there would be marches of protest in the street. (rightly so) Should you be allowed to censor songs? LMHR seem to encourage everything that is wrong with Rap music which is very odd. (hateful of gays and women. but why? They say, they're expressing their environment.....freedom of speech.

I always seen Morrissey as an author, who writes about different subject matters with great intelligence. Is that the problem? He encourages 'free thinking' let face it, both the media and governments' would prefer to eliminate knowledge and those who question the norm.
Why are Morrissey's observational lyrics so shocking, outrageous and controversial to journalists and LMHR? You just need to rationalise it and it seem to have nothing to do with the words at all. He's too successful without their support, no need for publicity as he's got too many loyal fans. He doesn't need them. Handsome, healthy, loved, repeated and opinionated.

I used to like Oasis but I hated the way they shared cocaine with the journalists in order to get good reviews. Their 'matey' ways, dressed up as 'lad culture' was just pathetic whoring to me!
For example, I pointed out how this group was posting material on their web site defending the Islamic fundamentalist violence directed at Danish cartoonists who created drawings of Muhammed (see, for example, here).

Do you interpret "Despite isolated acts of violence that should be condemned, the overwhelming majority of the protests have been peaceful." as him defending fundamentalist violence?
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