Still IL (Smiths-Moz-Marr Tribute) ~ Friday July 13th @ Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL

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    May 26, 2016
    Still IL (Chicago's passionate and vital tribute to The Smiths, Morrissey and Marr) return to the Northside of Chicago for a lucky lisp night of The Smiths, Moz-Marr and The Cure!

    The IL Boys will win you over (again) and play a burgeoning set filled with The Smiths, Morrissey, solo Johnny at Beat Kitchen. Plenty of room to cut a mean rug and quaff your favourite tipple.
    Afterwards hang about to enjoy our sister band PriMary as they perform a breathtaking set of tunes by The Cure!

    Come, dance and sing along to your favorite Morrissey-Marr compositions. Stay and dig on The Cure.
    Bring some cash for drinks and/or a stylish Still IL t-shirt suitable for Summertime adorning.

    Don your dancing boots and your singing voices. Don't forget the songs that saved your life.

    Sordid details:

    Friday July 13th 2018
    Beat Kitchen
    2100 W. Belmont Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60618 USA

    Doors open at 7pm
    Still IL play at 8pm
    PriMary (The Cure) play at 10pm

    Still IL will play The Smiths, Solo Moz and Solo Marr
    PriMary will play The Cure

    21+ admitted
    All Solo Kids get a shiny badge and a wry grin.

    Still IL:

    Advance Tickets: or purchase at the door.

    Poster Pastry:

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