Steyn vs. Morrissey case minutes - "Plaintiff reported that matter has settled"

Just downloaded this document posted Jan. 5, 2015 on the Orange County Superior Court site. I believe this means the case has settled.

MINUTES FINALIZED FOR CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 01/05/2015 08:45:00 AM. 01/05/2015 (1 page PDF)

CASE NO: 30-2014-00736735-CU-CO-CJC CASE INIT.DATE: 07/29/2014
CASE TITLE: Steyn vs. Morrissey
CASE CATEGORY: Civil - Unlimited CASE TYPE: Contract - Other

EVENT TYPE: Case Management Conference
MOVING PARTY: Bradley Steyn
CAUSAL DOCUMENT/DATE FILED: Complaint, 07/29/2014

Counsel for Plaintiff: Keith Davidson via courtcall
Counsel for Defendant: Bruce Isaacs via courtcall

Stipulation for Temporary Judge signed and filed.

Plaintiff reported that matter has settled.

The Order to Show Cause re: Dismissal on Settled Case is scheduled for 03/11/2015 at 08:45 AM in
Department C06.

No appearances required if Request for Dismissal is on file.

Parties waive notice.

UPDATE Jan. 7:

Link posted by Eurydice:

Morrissey - Bodyguard Moves To End Morrissey Lawsuit - WENN /

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Morrissey claimed on True To You: "As mildly irritating as David Tseng may be, he is not someone who troubles me enough to even bother with."

This was a lie. Tseng has been more than "mildly irritating" to him, and he has bothered with him in the past. For example, he previously unleashed a lawyer to write frivolous but highly bullying letters to Tseng, threatening to have the whole site shut down, in the hopes that Tseng would be intimidated and not know his rights.

So, once we know that Morrissey lied once on matters related to Tseng, he would certainly lie twice.

This does not mean this Steyn character was not trying to extract money from him with false allegations. It simply means that one cannot trust Morrissey.

What exactly is your point?


theres a lot to interpret in those sentences/statements. a lot of relativity to the word bother. its probably not a bother for his to say to a lawyer on retainer to just do what you about it while he doesnt think of it again until that lawyer brings him news. again a lot of relativity and when people make facts out of relative statements i think they have agendas.

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