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http://www.steventhemovie.co.uk / http://www.steventhemovie.com/

Steven the Movie

[h=1][/h]If you would like the opportunity to be in the film STEVEN about the young Steven Morrissey then please submit the following personal details via email to [email protected]

  • A head and shoulders photo – Front and side profile
  • A full length photo*

*Please ensure these attachments are not over 1mb per image

Additionally, the following body measurements:

  • Dress Size
  • Height
  • Waist
  • Inner Leg
  • Shoe
  • Bust

  • Shoe
  • Height
  • Chest
  • Collar
  • Waist
  • Leg

Please note the period we are filming is the Mid 1970s so anyone suiting this profile is more likely to be selected.

We apologise in advance as we may not be able to get back to everyone but presume you have not been selected if you are not contacted by 13th May.

*If you are not successful all your personal details will be destroyed. Those that are selected with be kept offline for administrative reasons.
Please be aware that filming is taking place in Manchester.
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Americans don't give up. Why don't you just stop posting here Anonymous coward? Can we ignore posts from Anonymous Losers?


There's something about your cleverer-than-though posts that makes me feel a little sorry for you. You try too hard, it's sad. That however, wouldn't stop me from knocking you out had I ever the good luck to meet you in person.


  • Dress Size: your mama's
  • Height:
  • Waist: none
  • Inner Leg: do you mean naughty bit? yes, got that
  • Shoe: yes got one
  • Bust: depends, who wants to know
  • The:pigface:are you overweight:pigface: impliedquestion: a little
Have I got a 70's profile: well people do say the right one looks like Demis Roussos a bit.

Looking forward to being an extra in the "life of Steven", who grew up to be, er...who grew up to be...
england is mine movie

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