Steve Jones covers "Girlfriend In A Coma" on his Instagram (January 14, 2023)

Ketamine Sun

Yeah, I like what he did with it. And I usually don’t like Smiths covers.


A surprisingly heart-felt cover - I suspect both Morrissey and Johnny will be chuffed to see this. Nice one, Jonesy!


You Should Not Go To Them, Let Them Come To You...
No idea why, but I expected that to be garbage.
It's absolutely wonderful.
99% of Smiths covers are utter bilge....welcome to the 1% Steve.
Nice one🎸😎❤️

...and nico

Played on a Harmony Buck Owens guitar, these guitars are waaaay over priced now because Ryan Adams uses one as his main axe and the fact they stopped making them in 1975

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